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Remove GMail account

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  1. ahpitre

    ahpitre Member

    I installed K9 to view my GMail account. Now I need to remove my Gmail account from the Android built-in GMail app. (this is to avoid having 2 apps. for the same e-mail accouont, which in turn causes confusion on the notification settings). In the GMail app. there is no option to remove the account. Also, you can't remove the GMail app because it's part of Android 2.3.3.

  2. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    The main gmail account (which is the one I assume you are referring to) cannot be removed from the device. It is the account you also use for the market, gtalk, calendar, contacts, etc. and is a necessary.

    You can remove it from sync though.

    Go to Settings > Accounts and Sync > (your gmail account) and uncheck the box next to Sync Gmail.
  3. ahpitre

    ahpitre Member

    But if I remove it from Sync, will K-9 Mail still get my GMail messages?
  4. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Not really sure to be honest. I've never used K-9. I would imagine that the sync settings for K-9 and the actual gmail sync would be separate though. You could always uncheck it and send yourself a couple of test emails to try it out.
  5. claus1953

    claus1953 Well-Known Member

    You can just open the Gmail app and uncheck show notifications.
  6. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I also use K9. I am rooted and had "Gmail" in Quarantine for 3 weeks, and deleted it a week ago. I have seen no adverse effects. But as long as syncing and notifications is turned off within the Gmail app, nothing should be happening with it. I don't believe the app itself is necessary for all those other functions, it's just a mobile app for access to your Gmail account (mail doesn't travel through it when you use a different email app, it sucks it from "the cloud" from your "Google" account).

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