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  1. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    I would like to change the default gmail account that was created on my new Wildfire, as getting in mess with this one, contacts and other info :eek:

    So would like to create a new gmail account on pc and use that one instead

    Since I know nothing whatsoever about setting up email accounts on mobile phones (the man in the shop did this one for me, under protest!) I wondered if it's possible to start again Without a reset
    I found this
    How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone without Factory Reset | Gadgets | Technize - Be Techdated

    Are either of these options any good?
    Also I need help setting up the new account too,if it's possible?

    Can set up gmail on pc but don't know if there are extra settings :eek:

  2. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    menu, settings, accounts and sync, google, remove account, confirm
    then in all apps, setup, scroll through to set up accounts,google, and all you need to do to setup is email address and password, and you will have a new primary account:D
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  3. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Will give it a go then

    Do I have to create the new account on my pc first?
    Or is doing this creating it?

    Regarding setting up a new account on the phone what are the settings as I didn't do it myself in the first place?
  4. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    create it on your pc first.then after you have removed original account, going through set up will walk you through whats required, don't stress, it's not hard;)
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  5. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Its a challenge for a woman over 60 lol
    But I love pc etc challenges :D
  6. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Just tried It says I have to do a factory reset
    Is there no way round it?
    If I add the new account to the phone will it let me swap over lol then delete?:confused:
  7. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    ok try adding extra gmail account in accounts and sync first, then delete old one.
  8. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    No good Going to try a reset oh dear lol
  9. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    let me set up another gmail first and i'll try to suss it out.
  10. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    hmmm, i see what you mean i added another account ok, but got warning when i tried to remove old one, what you can do is open the original one and turn off syncs, so you won't receive emails to phone. sorry i can't be of more help.
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  11. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    You have been a great help and given me confidence to reset my phone :)

    It took me 15 minutes to do it all including adding a new email account

    So thanks again
  12. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    you're welcome:D
  13. alegalalien

    alegalalien Member

    You can do this if your phone is rooted:
    All you have to do is use Root Explorer and go to /data/system/ find accounts.db and rename it to accounts.db.bak so I could just name it back if I had a problem instead of doing a restore. I also did a Nandroid backup.. Reboot your phone and goto settings>accounts and sync>add account and your good to go!!!!

    **I would definitely recommend doing a NANDROID backup before, just in case you delete the wrong file accidentally.
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  14. OptimusMUser

    OptimusMUser New Member

    FYI.. this works and literally takes 3 minutes to do. A big, big thanks!!!
  15. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks alegalalien. Factory reset my ***!!!!

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