Remove Google Talk Storage app

  1. kaotix

    kaotix Well-Known Member

    I have Cyanogen 5.0.6 baked on MoDaCo with a lot of things stripped out.
    Having a task manager as well I can see what's running in the background, I've noticed that 'Google Talk Storage' is running constantly and reloads once killed.
    I do not have, nor want, Google Talk so I don't see why this app would continue to run even when killed. I would presume that gapps is reloading it but I cannot tell for sure.

    Does anyone know what the apk name is for this so I can remove it from my device?


  2. ikon

    ikon Well-Known Member

    I think it's /system/app/gtalkservice.apk I'd recommend doing an 'adb pull' first so you have a copy to reinstall later if you need it, then you can just 'adb shell rm /system/app/gtalkservice.apk'
  3. SnotF

    SnotF Well-Known Member

    +1 do a pull. Don't want to find out that was a necessary service and create a hassle.
  4. kaotix

    kaotix Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input guys, I just rename the apk to bak instead of pulling it off the device. I seem to have managed to remove the Google Talk Service.
    One thing I've noticed is that I had 'Google Search' showing up, which I removed. But now I have 'Google Search (Enhanced)' showing up.
    Does this load itself or something? Every time I end it, it reloads itself.

    It sounds weird, but I really don't use any of the google functions other than gmail lol.

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