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Remove MetroPCS bootup audio

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  1. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    I've installed new boot loader on my ascend on MetroPCS but it doesn't get rid of the stupidass "hello hello hello. MetroPCS. Wireless for all" audio that plays. I want to either change this, or at the very least delete it. I have root access but don't know where to start for this. Anyone? thanx!

  2. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    Got it. Being rooted, I installed AndRootFile, and was able to replace the file,
    /system/media/audio/ui/bootStrapSound.ogg with a file of my choice (renamed to same name). Since I'm using a "Droid" style bootloader I went with the standard "DROOOID" sound. :) At this point, other than the "MetroPCS" logo on the phone itself, it's unrecognizable as such! :)
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  3. kelemvor4

    kelemvor4 Member

    Thanks for the file location!
  4. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    You bet! However, I found that I had to use "AndRootFile" in order to make changes to that file. I tried about 3 other file managers with supposed root access and they wouldn't do it. So if you have trouble, use that one. As long as you have root access, just hit the "superuser" icon in AndRootFile and you can replace that sound file!
  5. ciabatoni

    ciabatoni Well-Known Member

    I have a cricket huawei ascend, its rooted. Ive been trying for almost 3 days to make a boot sound and I cant figure it out, I couldnt find the "androotfile App" but i did find 1 that will allow me to change .ogg its called "root explorer". I dont kno how to do it exactly, I watched plenty of videos on it, I guess cricket huawei doesnt allow that feature. It never had a boot sound when i bought it. If anyone can help step by step, I would really appreciate it. I need some schooling lol.
  6. veladem

    veladem Member

    If it never had a boot sound or boot logo than it might not be possible. Here are my steps...
    #1 get the appropriate files, I used, E strongs file manager
    Z4 root
    And a sound file, format to .ogg online, trust you can format anything online...
    #2 run Z4 root with debugging on in USB settings.
    #3 open E strongs and make a backup of file "bootStrapSound.ogg", found in system/media/audio/ui/
    #4 Copy and paste .ogg file over "bootStrapSound.ogg" with NEW file named "bootStrapSound.ogg" very important on the casing.
    #5 reboot and love the sound :) you got...
    #6 Thank me if this was of any help. (intended use on Huawei Ascend users only), iiiUSE AT OWN RISK, AS ANY ROOT FILE TAMPERING CAN VOID WARRANTY AND DO DAMAGE TO YOUR SYSTEM!!!:) jajajaja! Happy rooting!

    You can find the files needed above at 4shared.com.
  7. ciabatoni

    ciabatoni Well-Known Member

    I did change the boot logo, just cant figure out the sound. Ill try what you told me tomorrow first thing and ill let you kno THANX ALOT
  8. Kwala

    Kwala Active Member

    How did you do that?

    I did change the sound with "ES File Explorer". But the file path was /system/sounds/poweron/


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