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  1. juggleclown

    juggleclown New Member

    I've tried just about everything I can think of at this point. Searching tens of pages, as well as this forum, clearing cache, searching the sd card for images, using history clearing apps, powering off the phone and restarting, checking if the MP3s were altered in any way (they don't appear to have any embedded artwork, even now), short of a factory reset I've done everything I can think of. :(

    I made some artwork for some of my albums, just placing a jpg in the folder of each one. It worked just fine, but I thought it looked ugly and revised them. I deleted the old pictured and replaced them with the new ones, but no matter what, the Music Player somehow remembers, and only uses, the old ones, and nowhere in it's limited set of options is there any way to refresh things.

    I quite like the standard music player otherwise, so I'm hoping there's a way to do this. I don't know why I'm having this problem in the first place, seems like quite an oversight. :mad:

    Perhaps I've made an oversight of my own and managed to overlook whatever thread might have the solution to what I would assume is a common problem, but I've been at it for hours and I'm tired now. Hopefully somebody will have the solution for me when I wake up tomorrow.

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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Download an app like "cover art downloader" and just replace them.
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  3. juggleclown

    juggleclown New Member

    That program seems to assume that your music would have an entry in a database, which doesn't seem to be too useful for a good number of my albums, and definitely serves no purpose for my own creations.

    I'll probably consider another music program, despite preferring this interface over the others I've seen. It's just, I'm a guy who likes to understand how things work, and the fact that there are image files I put on here, hidden away somewhere in my phone, that I can't manipulate in any way is incredibly bothersome, so I'd at least like to do that much.
  4. sevine

    sevine Active Member

    cover art downloader or album art grabber. i think both offer an option to chose the pic from your sd card. pretty sure album art grabber does at least.
  5. juggleclown

    juggleclown New Member

    When I tried clearing with the album art grabber, it didn't seem to have any effect. Also, some of my albums just didn't show up. My albums are all in a "music" folder on the root of the sd card, in their own folders, but a particular set of albums is in a subfolder in "music", and art grabber seemed to ignore the albums in that folder.

    I've yet to try replacing them, since I'll have to move them up into the main "music" parent folder. I'm incredibly surprised, and particularly disappointed, that nobody seems to know how the Music Player stores album art, and why it's physicaly possible that the album art I deleted is still there.
  6. ijeggert

    ijeggert Well-Known Member

    Not sure what to say about deleted stuff still being around, but just my 2 cents...

    I use the Zune software to manage my media, and with it you can specify what art you want as the album art, and it holds up for the same reason when you move it over to the phone.

    As far as why certain albums don't so... if you go on your computer (assuming windows for a moment) and view the files and view details and add the album column. if your songs don't have album info there, they won't show up as albums on your phone.
  7. There are 2 things to to:

    To remove thumbnails of deleted multimedia files from the Gallery:

    Install SDrescan.

    To delete all album art covers from the Music Player:

    Try this:


    Select the ALL tab

    Scroll down to MEDIA STORAGE

    Select CLEAR DATA
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  8. Da Boss

    Da Boss Active Member

    use the app itag from play store. it changes any songs cover art and has a huge selection too. not only mainstream artists. it also saves it too
  9. CombX

    CombX New Member

    I've had the same problem in my smartphone, I wanted to delete the Album Art. I deleted the images of the Album Art, rebooted my phone and nothing, they were still there. So I've used Root Explorer app and went to sdcard/Android/data and deleted all the content of and com.androidappzfree.meida then I went to phone Settings/Apps/Music and forced close it then cleared data, rebooted the phone and voil
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  10. SSHollywood

    SSHollywood New Member

    In fact, I added my entire CD collection (15 years worth) to my new Samsung Skyrocket II & then realized all of my CDs wouldn't fit, so I deleted them & then added them to my 16GB SD card. However, the album "art" was such crappy quality compared to my digital downloads purchased ($) via AMAZON, that I must have spent an hour trying to update the album art on my SD card for nothing! Ugh.

    However, I was able to find (thanks to the posts above) the album art folder (Phone/Android/data/ that was automatically saved on my "Samsung phone" (even after I deleted all of the music from my phone) & then proceeded to replace & save, new copies of album art after looking up each album image via amazon. It must have taken me 3-4 hours to look up all 200+ albums but totally worth it. Now I just need to save back-ups so I never have to do it again. In fact, I'm thinking I need to update the album art on my computer too and any back up drives as well. Thank you everyone!
  11. pallaviztab

    pallaviztab New Member

    I just registered here to thank you. You cant begin to imagine how grateful I m. Thanks a ton.:D
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    mido2000eg New Member

    Me too
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