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Remove SD during wipe data/factory reset?Support

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  1. Mechphisto

    Mechphisto Active Member

    Need some advice from experienced people...
    In order to try to fix a problem, I'm about to do a wipe data/factory reset in cwm recovery.
    First I did a cwm backup.
    Then a wipe cache parition and a wipe dalvik cache.
    Now, about to do the wipe data/factory reset step, should I power down and remove the SD card first? I'm assuming that this process doesn't touch the SD card, after all, if this fixes the problem I'm having I've been directed to re-cwm and restore the backup. Which, naturally, can't be done if the factory reset formatted the SD card. :)
    But before I did anything, I just wanted to be sure.
    Would my playing it safe and removing the SD card before I reset cause any more problems than I'd be trying to avoid by leaving it in?
    Thanks for any feedback!

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  2. jpwarrior

    jpwarrior Member

    I remove it when I have to reset.
  3. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    that step is not needed you will only havr to put it back in to flash which creates reboots. clear data wipe/clear cache/clear dalvik flash away before reboot clear cache/clear dalvik/fix permissions you should be good.this has served me well. hope ive helped you
  4. Mechphisto

    Mechphisto Active Member

    Uh oh. OK, so I have Atrix 2 Bootstrapp installed in order to be able to boot into cwm recovery. Worked fine the first time. That's when I did a cache and dalvik clear and a backup.
    Then I booted back into the phone without doing the reset, just to make sure the clockworkmod backup wrote the file ok.
    But then, I rebooted into recovery mode...and it put me in the original default recovery mode, not cwm!
    I'm wondering, if I did the reset, then checked to see if my original problem was fixed, then tried to go back into recovery in order to restore the cwm backup--I won't be able to! No?
    (Well, I guess at that point I'd just reinstall Atrix 2 Bootstrapp, yes? But, can I anticipate any other issues with that? An inability to restore the backup or anything?)
    Thanks again for any feedback!

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