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  1. ScoopDL

    ScoopDL New Member

    I just rooted my MYTouch Q using the instructions here and superoneclick. I removed bloatware and unrooted. However, in ADB shell I still have a "#" sign, not the $ sign like I used to, and superoneclick states that I still have a shell root (shellroot = Ture). Is this normal, and is there a way to remove all root permissions?

    Titanium backup states that it can no longer get root permission and the superuser app is gone. I have already rebooted my phone after unrooting.

    When I run a terminal emulator on the phone, it has a $, and I get and access denied response to "su." When I run adb shell on my computer though, I still have the #, and su returns a "not found" response. I'm guessing because superuser was uninstalled by superoneclick, but superpne click also says that shellroot = true (even after reboot), so I'm guessing my phone is still technically rooted?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi ScoopDL..

    Welcome aboard. I just want you to know that I moved your thread over to its correct forum.

    I hope your time here will be swell. :)
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  3. agent3

    agent3 New Member

    I have the same problem with my o2x on 2.3.4 too. Unrooting using superoneclick 2.3.3 doesnt seem to remove it because su is already not present. So technically its still rooted.

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