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  1. dccollie10

    dccollie10 Member

    Hi guys,

    Just downloaded the skype app for the desire, and chose to sync all contacts from my address book, or words to that effect.

    However, it has imported about a thousand random contacts in, and I cant get rid of them all!!!

    I've tried

    1. Deleting ALL contacts from my PC skype. Which did not follow on to my app.

    2. Clearing all data from the app.

    3. Uninstalling/Deleting the app and reinstalling.

    Nothing has worked tho.

    I really need a "SELECT ALL" type of thing on the phone to get rid.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    OK, em...

    Just tried all the above again, and something seems to have worked! i have no contacts again. Super.

    No need for any reply!

  2. kennethsnyder

    kennethsnyder New Member

    I don't want to delete all my skype contacts from my PC.
    I did use a duplicate android app from market to delete them.
    But I think Skype should fix the problem.
    Did anyone have any better luck?

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