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Removing Apps Guide / Safe Apps to Remove AT&T Huawei Fusion 2

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  1. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    Q1. How do I remove apps?

    Step 1: Search and Download Titanium Backup from Google Play.

    Step 2: Open Titanium Backup and Grant it "Root" access.

    Step 3: Select Backup/ Restore (located in the top center of the applications home screen)

    Step 4: Select the app you wish to un install, click un-install (the upper right most option in the pop-up window)

    It will ask you if your sure you want to un-install.

    Step 5: Select Yes, wait until complete and move to the next app.

    Q2. What Apps are Safe to Remove?

    * AT&T Social Net
    * AT&T Navigator
    * AT&T Data Balance
    * City ID
    * Emergency Alerts
    * Google+
    * Google Play Movies
    * Google Play Books
    * Movies
    * Pops
    * ShopMusic
    * UNO
    * Vlingo
    * YPMobile

    Q3. What Apps are NOT Safe to Remove?

    *AT&T Software Update (will cause perpetual force closes on un-install)

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  2. potatoemonger

    potatoemonger Active Member

    you can also remove Live TV, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Bejeweled and Twitter
    these just require you to find the .apk within your phone. I used total commander because you can just search the file name. (can be given root access)
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  3. tdawg

    tdawg New Member

    I rooted my fusion 2 and downloaded total commander but can't figure it out. Can you give me step by step how to remove Live TV, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Bejeweled and Twitter?

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