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  1. ekoja

    ekoja New Member

    I have some default apps that I do not want on my phone, Thier permissions are too invasive as far as I am concerned.
    I have tried all the usual paths, ie, going to settings-Applications-etc but these annoying apps will not go away.

    The phone is dead standard and I have only about 6 apps that I have downloaded .
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    I have looked at the suggested threads but ... nothing there.

  2. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    What are the names of the apps?

    Have you tried Titanium Backup?
    You can delete, freeze or back up any apps that are currently on your phone.

    Just make sure the apps that you delete are not important to your phone.
    Try freezing them first to make sure there are no problems....then you can delete safely.
  3. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    Just FYI,....the last time I checked...Titanium Backup requires rooting your phone.
    Just sayin. ;)
  4. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    You are correct, it does require the user to be rooted.
  5. ekoja

    ekoja New Member

    OK Im not going to root the phone so I guess I will have to live with it.
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