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removing device after syncSupport

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  1. cowboys fan

    cowboys fan Member

    I am using Ubuntu and when I plug my inspire in, everything works fine.

    If I just unplug from the computer, the phone still thinks that it is in USB mode (which makes sense), but if I right click and tell it to "safely remove device", then unplug the phone.

    The phone shuts off and will not restart right away, I have to give it about 30 seconds and then turn the power back on. I do not have any loss of data or anything, just wondering if this is just Ubuntu type problem or if windows users are noticing this too.


  2. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    I use Kubuntu 10.10 and do not have this problem. I don't have eject at all. What are you plugging in as, "Disk Drive"? Gnome or KDE? What are you using to manage your music, Rhythmbox?
  3. cowboys fan

    cowboys fan Member

    I am using 10.10, telling it to act as a disk drive, but if I do not tell Ubuntu to "safely remove drive" then the phone will not let me access the SD Card once I am unplugged from the computer. I do have an eject option on the right click menu, so I might try that. I am not using anything to manage the music right now, just dropping files from computer to the phone.
  4. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    So then.... Gnome? There is no such corresponding 'safely remove' in KDE (that I'm aware of or use). On my HTC, it takes a few seconds to access the card after unplugging it. It usually says, "Preparing SD card". Do you get any such message? What message do you get?
  5. cowboys fan

    cowboys fan Member

    Yes, gnome. If I unplug my phone without "safely removing" and I try to access the SD card in the phone it gives me the error message, "Phone is in USB mode, cannot access card"
  6. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I don't have Gnome, so I can't test it out. But I do have Rhythmbox (RB) and it's what I'm using to transfer playlists. When you plug in your HTC, does it show up in RB? Does it work to transfer files from RB to your HTC? What directory are you writing to?

    I'm wondering if your write process is what's causing the issue. What are you using to copy the files? Can you plug it in and then, without writing any data, unplug it?
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  7. cowboys fan

    cowboys fan Member

    I told it to just eject media instead of safely remove media and it works now. Not sure what the glitch was. Rythmbox and everything works. It is necessary to tell ubuntu to eject media though or the phone will stick in usb mode. Thanks for the help.

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