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  1. twinbee

    twinbee Member

    When I click the back button, I don't want to have to wait for my finger to be released before the function activates. In other words, it'll make the phone feel a lot of snappier if it was performed on FingerDown rather than FingerDown+FingerUp.

    Same goes for bringing up the main menu (left of the home button), selecting options or tabs, or opening programs (yes I know holding the button is used for dragging purposes, but I could always disable the feature as and when).

    Lag and latency is VERY important when using a phone, and with the inherent touchscreen response already being a bit sluggish (as is the case with all mobile phones currently), we don't want to make the situation even worse.

    Any ideas, even it means having to root the phone?

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    For home button, it has to distinguish between:
    tap home (go home)
    long-press home (recent)
    double-tap home - sometimes mapped to S-voice

    For back, it has to distinguish between
    tap back (back)
    long-press back (multi-window).

    So it cannot respond immediately to tap without seeing if it will turn into long-press or double-tap.

    I've heard the home button can be speeded up by disabling S-voice. I don't think I noticed the difference. Perhaps back could be speeded up by disabling multi-window in settings. Just a thought. I don't really notice enough lag to bother me.
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  3. twinbee

    twinbee Member

    Thanks very much for the info! I've disabled the home button to activate voice (instead having the icon on my home screen), and the home button is much snappier. About 0.25s lag instead of 0.6s. Love you to try it - I'm sure you'll notice the difference yourself.

    Looks like for 'touch-down' I'd need to root the phone then, if I'm lucky.

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