removing preloaded apps without root?

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  1. riotlove

    riotlove Member

    i've tried lookin' around the forums but haven't figured out if there's anyway to remove stock apps without rooting? or a way to temp root and permanently remove apps?

    i have a problem with screwing up phones easily so i'm always having to have them repaired(i'm a klutz to say the least) and they always catch the root and tell me to revert it before they'll fix it so i'm looking for a way to just get rid of that stuff but not show any signs of rooting when it comes to phone info.

    any ideas?

  2. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    You can temp root and use titanium backup to freeze pre installed apps. That will remove it from your app drawer and stop it from using resource.. but it will revert back ( I think) once you reboot your phone.
  3. riotlove

    riotlove Member

    bummer. that's what i was afraid of.

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