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  1. glaeven

    glaeven New Member

    I was playing around with AppBrain and I noticed that it listed Sprint ID as an app. I then poked around in the regular manage apps menu and noticed it there too. Does anyone know what would happen if I uninstalled it? AppBrain seems to be able to let me, I'm just not sure if it would break the phone or not.

  2. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, but you do need to root your phone because Sprint ID is in fact not an app. Sprint ID is in the kernel of the phone, its a part of the phones software, which means you need you could say... 'Admin' access to remove Sprint ID. If you root the phone you can remove it, and replace the Sprint ID tile with something more wanted, such as a shortcut to your messaging or web (Like it is in stock FroYo) Now I'll give you this video but... Its EXTREMELY LAGGY. His voice is clear so you'll have to listen to him instead of depending on the video footage. Best of luck.

  3. CHECK THIS--- I got launcher pro free on the marketplace and it seemed to have a better home screen interface, as well as a faster load time from standby, PLUS the sprint ID icon at the bottom goes away. Hope this helped.
  4. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Thats cool but, Sprint ID is still on the phone, and Sprint ID adds lag to the phone. Removing it is a much better thing to do if you ask me, plus the fact that rooting gives you full access to the phone.
  5. LouisCyphre

    LouisCyphre New Member

    What's the safest way to root the phone to get rid of this thing? I'm fully admit I'm new to the Android platform. I held out on my Palm 700p for the longest time. I want this pestilence off my phone. I purposely upgraded to an Android phone so I could choose what I want on my phone. My carrier should have no damned say in it.

    I do like the design of the Transform.
  6. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Just check out XDA on their website and look at the Samsung Transform rotting, they'll give u step by step to get the rooting done. :)
  7. beezie916

    beezie916 Well-Known Member

    Actually...xda is more for htc....sdx is where to go for help on Samsung phones.....i am stock right now so I can't see system apps but sprint id is w_installer i think and nothing will happen if you remove it
  8. Markg1983

    Markg1983 Guest

    Removing sprint id is like getting a whole new phone. It will finally perform like its supposed to. Do a factory restart, then when sprint id begins to install do a battery pull. Then install Launcher Pro and you will have a pretty sweet android. ID is like a cancer.
  9. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but removing id doesn't make that big of a difference.
    And doing a battery pull wont remove it??
    You have to remove it with root.
    Shoot even with froyo the phone isnt al that great.
    Maybe official froyo will fix this though.
  10. Markg1983

    Markg1983 Guest

    Whatever speeder. I did it so I know your wrong. I have rooted and installed froyo on this transform as well. Then went back to eclair without id and it performs better than ever.. I could care less what anyone else does. I was just trying to be helpful.
  11. Markg1983

    Markg1983 Guest

    Seems pointless that you would argue with facts....
  12. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    so your allowed to give your opinion but not me?
    theres no need to get all defensive and argumentive.
    the point of a forum is for a community of people to get to get together and give their opinions so that others members may read and learn.
    thus, its good to have different points of view.
    so dont ruin it and get all pissy when someone doesnt see things the same way as you do.
  13. Markg1983

    Markg1983 Guest

    My original post was fact. I was trying to be helpful. That is how I removed id. No one is getting pissy. I have not expressed any opinion and i was not looking to get involved in an argument or discussion.
  14. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    if what i said was incorrect and what u said was fact than you could have corrected me in a different manner, maybe explained to me how what u said works and teach me something since what your trying to do is be helpful, instead of being hostile like u were.

    but this is my last reply to you, im not clogging up this thread anymore.
  15. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Calm down :)
  16. twistedsense

    twistedsense Well-Known Member

    Seems the only way to prove this is for someone to duplicate Markg1983's removal method, which I'm not doing cause its hard enough for me to flash my phone in the first place. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with either speeder760 or Markg1983 however after researching for an hour or so on the internet I have seen no mention of Markg1983's Sprint ID removal. The only mention I see brings me back to this page. Everywhere else mentions rooting permanently or temporary rooting to get it done. So if someone besides MArkg1983 wants to attempt this and let us know I think that would be the best way.

    And by the way, a fact is only a fact if it can be substantiated by others besides the fact giver. Otherwise it remains a theory or hypothesis.
  17. fujimori

    fujimori Member

    I think that taking the battery out when it asks you to install an ID basically lets you use the phone without installing any ID packs. That's not necessarily removing the ID system from the phone, but it is using it without any installed ID. This happened to me because the phone mysteriously was unable to download any packs when I got it... that probably turned out to be for the better.
  18. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    pulling the battery will prevent the required install of an id pack but the actual id app is still there.
  19. jewellworks

    jewellworks New Member

    kindof an older thread, but i have a similar problem...

    im new to Android, and i just got this phone and im still trying to get used to it. im not going to Root my phone just yet... but i need to fix something i did, and i dont know how...

    i was poking around, exploring what some of the stock aps were, and i clicked on Sprint ID. when it opened, it replaced my homepage, and entire layout with something else entirely! its almost like its a new phone, but with the same wallpaper! i HATE it! i want my old "stock" homepage layout back! with the Time and Date and weather bug thing... not the Google search and nothing else!
    i was just getting used to where everything was and now its all gone! (its there, but not how i want it)
    other than a factory reset, what can i do to undo the Sprint ID and get my stock homepage layout back??
  20. donkyflip

    donkyflip New Member

    I had the same problem. I tried to fix it myself, but could not find an obvious way to do it. I got so frustrated that I called Sprint for help. After being put on hold numerous time and passed around a few times, the last person said all they could do was walk me through a factory reset. I said no way. The person created an open ticket and said I could visit a Sprint retail store for (possible) assistance.

    I went to a local Sprint store, and one of the attendants was able to fix the problem. At first, he was just as baffled as I. I brought my wife's phone (same Galaxy SII) and showed him they were both on the same level of Ice Cream Sandwich, and showed him the extreme differences in the desktops and the desktop features. He played around with it for a while (maybe 20-30 mins) before trying out something that worked.

    Cut right to the solution... the Sprint Attendant downloaded another ID Pack. Once there were multiple different IDs packs available to the app, the default samsung ID pack was able to be loaded correctly; returning all my desktop icons to where they were before and all the features I was used to using, such as the ( . . . . . . .) panel widget, quick slider-switching between desktop panels, Google search widget only on one desktop rather than all, and ability to go from the last desktop panel directly back to the first (rather than hitting a brick wall and have to back-pedal).

    Here's what the attendant and I believe was happening. The Sprint ID app has a default ID package (probably based on Gingerbread), and originally it matched the other ID pack which shows up as samsung. However, I updated my phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, and therefore the default Samsung desktop changed too. When I clicked on "My ID" the old default ID pack was loaded. However, when I went back into the Sprint ID app and clicked the "samsung" ID pack, it just reloaded its default. After downloading another ID Pack to the app (which must be done on the Sprint Network only - can't use wi-fi), then the Samsung ID became distinguishable as a separate ID pack. In my case, the attendant downloaded the Sprint ID pack (of course). He did not change the Sprint ID app settings to use the Sprint ID pack, he only download the Sprint ID pack so that it shows up as a possible ID Pack to use. After that, there were three ID options "My ID", "samsung" and "Sprint" and clicking the samsung ID re-loading the desktop to the exact same state it was in before it was hi-jacked.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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