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  1. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    I bought a usb jig to try to remove the yellow triangle on my wife's phone however it doesn't seem to work. It boots into download mode but still says "custom binary count (2)" I watched some youtube videos on other Galaxy S phones and it shows when they use the jig it automatically resets the download counter.

    Any other method of ridding myself of the triangle? We may have to send the phone back as it has been rebooting frequently.

  2. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    the only way to get rid of the triangle that i have found is to flash the stock kernel back onto the phone with heimdall, this will turn off the triangle, but NOT reset the counter, however if the triangle isnt there i dont see that they would check the counter anyway.
  3. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    Will I lose root?
  4. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    yes, however you will have to uninstall SU manually with adb in order to make it not show up
  5. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    Ok flashed the stock kernel back with heimdall and no triangle and I've kept root. All is good now. Thanks
  6. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    thats odd, im pretty sure i lost root when i did it (that was back around xmas tho so i could be recalling wrong)
  7. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    There is no reason you would lose root if you flashed the stock kernel ONLY... all "root" really is is having access to the su binary and is not related to the kernel at all, which is done a number of ways, most commonly by flashing in "", it is just a program and a management tool to go with it.

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