Removing Tracfone Boot Logo Startup & ShutdownTips

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  1. viiron

    viiron Active Member

    Once your phone is rooted, do the following to remove the ugly Tracfone boot and shutdown animations (fairly simple)

    In /system/media append .old (rename) to the following files:


    Shutdown / Power Off

    In /system/media/video/shutdown append .old (rename) shutdown.qmg

    Should also mention that placing in this folder does nothing. Also...when you first boot the phone the Samsung logo still appears, then goes straight to the main lock screen.

    And there you have it. No more unsightly Tracfone logos. :)

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  2. mazzy70

    mazzy70 New Member

    Hi there,

    I tried this on my Centura, and after renaming the file it said, "could not write file." I did try renaming it using Astro, and the ES File Explorer. ES doesn't give me an error when trying to rename, but it doesn't rename it either. I rename it, click ok and nothing happens. Maybe that had something to do with it, as I could not find the system folder hooked up to the USB. I am rooted using the poot method, and verified using root check. I've restarted the phone, but no avail. Anything you could add? Thanks!
  3. viiron

    viiron Active Member

    You'll need to mount the directory R/W before renaming the files.
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  4. mazzy70

    mazzy70 New Member

    Thanks, worked perfect, I forgot all about the mounting of the directory.
  5. StixMan

    StixMan New Member

    This worked for me w/o a hitch but it seems to have increased my shutting down and powering up times?

  6. mazzy70

    mazzy70 New Member

    Same for me. The shutdown is really slow, but the startup isn't all that noticable.
  7. viiron

    viiron Active Member

    Aside from perception of time (since there's nothing to watch), removing the tracfone boot/shutdown animations has 0 effect on the time it takes for either to complete.
  8. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    Wondering if we can replace the old ones with one of our own. Found the Samsung Theme Designer thread over at XDA Developers and am going to give it a try.
  9. mac55

    mac55 Member

    Worked fine on my st phone. Had to use super manager to rename files. Went into audio too and got rid of startup sound too.
  10. rlg118

    rlg118 Member

    I have a Centura and this is what I did (you need to be rooted to do this):

    Using X-plore (with "Superuser + mount writable" permission set in the configuration), I navigated to /system/media/audio/ui and found two culprits: PowerOn.ogg and PowerOff.ogg.

    I changed the file extensions from ".ogg" to ".off". It was as easy as that.
  11. sultan

    sultan New Member

    am unable to find above files.pls help
    i accessed through es file explorer.
    system-->media--->i could see following files

    please help which of above files should i rename in order to change android logo to samsung logo during shutting and starting of device.

    thanks in advance
  12. rlg118

    rlg118 Member

    In my previous post, I got rid of the startup and shutdown sounds.

    To get rid of the blue Tracfone logos, I went to /system/media and renamed these two:

    bootsamsung.qmg to bootsamsung.qmg.old


    bootsamsungloop.qmg to bootsamsung.qmg.old

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