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  1. dapperdave

    dapperdave New Member

    I just bought my wife a Wildfire for Christmas but (as we live in the Middle East) it's come with additional unwanted apps and arabic. I think I have switched off the arabic text entry but can't get rid of the arabic apps (eg prayer call which is pre-programed to interrupt 5 times a day). Is there any way to get rid of these ? Perhaps by downloading and installing a UK version of android ? Please tell me I don't have to root it unless I really have to as I'm a complete newbie......

  2. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    i think rooting would be the best choice for you, its not that hard, i had no experience with anything like it before, but there are some really helpful guides that walk you through it, big thing is to do a nandroid backup so if there is any dramas, which there shouldn't be you can restore your current rom. i'm running wildpuzzle v.05 which is brilliant, and the dev danne jo has just released the beta of v.07.
    [ROM][29/12] WildPuzzleROM_2.2.1 v0.6, Live Wallpaper in SENSE = SEXY - xda-developers
    hope this helps, even though i mentioned rooting:p.
    the prayer call app must drive you nuts:eek:
  3. basanti

    basanti New Member

    How to install or move android applications to SD card.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    You can do this without rooting now. When I say rooting, without going through the traditional unrevoked rooting process.

    1) Download this app:

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root - Android @ MoDaCo

    It allows you to gain temporary root access without any effect on yoru warranty (its only an app you see :) ).

    2) gain temp root access (lost after reboot)

    3) Download titanium backup whilst you have temp root.

    4) In the backup / restore tab, locate the individual apps you want removes, short press them and select delete.

    *** warning, be VERY careful what you delete. Anything you do not understand, leave alone***
  5. cmc

    cmc Member

    I tried VISIONary and Titanium Backup. While it has removed things like Bebo from my Wildfire successfully, it has failed to remove Flickr, Friend Stream and the like. Even after rebooting and popping up 'uninstall successful'.
  6. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    if you have titanium pro,open, press menu, preferences,activate "chuck norris"mode, this will let you delete bloatware.
    before you delete anything make a nandroid backup so if any dramas you can restore backup.
    as danfrance says be careful of what you delete!! this at your own risk....
  7. ntn555

    ntn555 New Member

    Hello everyone! I tried to remove some unnecessary programs, boot stands there with blue HTC logo. I hope everyone will help to represent a person. I appreciate. Thanks
    Sorry English is not good !
  8. ntn555

    ntn555 New Member

    I was installing a new ROM SUnABh.v1.1 FROYO. I feel well run stable
  9. moose99709

    moose99709 New Member

    Quite frankly. Nearly all the responses on this website have been hacker sounding gibberish. (what the heck is "rageagainstthecage"?????)
    I followed that link and didn't understand 5 words that guy said in his web site. I live in Oman and have the same phone and the same problem. I simply forced that ap off, though it seems to find it's way to turning itself back on again. It also doesn't give you a choice for "English US" or "English UK"). It only gives you Middle Eastern countries (none of which are Oman) and "English". I rather like the "iQuran" it gives you with the phone. Though on American and UK phones it doesn't give you "iBible".

    Travelling around the Middle East as I do with my job, I quite like having a resource that lets me know when I'm intruding on someone's prayer times and when I can expect the shops to open back up.

    Though I do not like the audacity of Droid/HTC to force these applications into the phone without the ability to (easily) remove them.
  10. madviper20

    madviper20 Member

    makes me feel dumber with every passing second on this forum for receiving and accepting the OTA update.. stupid me...:mad:
  11. madviper20

    madviper20 Member

    atleast you have an option to choose.. i'm stuck with 2.2 :(

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