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  1. Scosun

    Scosun Member

    Vortex Guru's,

    I'm a little disappointed to learn that the Vortex comes with Bing and such and not the Google apps. I read somewhere you cannot remove these. Is that true? For exmaple, I would prefer to use the Google Navigator vice the VZ Navigator. At the very least, can I move the VZ/Bing/etc. icons off of the home screens and place the Google versions there instead?

    Also, I accidentally put some widgets on the side home screens like latitude and an Fb status updater. How do I get rid of these?


  2. VoicesofGusto

    VoicesofGusto Member

    Alright, first thing's first: you can't technically remove the pre-installed programs. You can by rooting your phone, however, which is advanced and technically violates your warranty.

    The fact that you have preinstalled apps does not prevent you from downloading your own, however.

    To remove something from the home screen, simply put your finger on it and hold. A trash can will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you can drag and drop.
  3. Scosun

    Scosun Member

    Thanks!! That is helpful.

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