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  1. JulieJHawk

    JulieJHawk Active Member

    Is there a way to remove the words "Verizon Wireless" from the lock screen? (other than installing an app like Lockbot or No Lock)
    Thanks in advance!

  2. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    Can't be done until the Inc is rooted.
  3. w0rdie

    w0rdie Well-Known Member

    I don't have that?
  4. w0rdie

    w0rdie Well-Known Member

    In About Phone... Operator Name 'Unknown' -- woot.
  5. DataSchmuck

    DataSchmuck Active Member

    Great, I didn't even realize it was there until you pointed it out. Now it will be staring me in the face every time.
  6. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

    Root = "Root Access" (a.k.a. super user privilidges). This is not something you get out of the box (go figure). There are smart folks working hard to correct this oversight, but until they crack the OS (and you make a decision to "root" your phone - accepting all that goes with it), you're stuck.
  7. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    You can be roaming, then it shows "Roaming" or have no service, then it shows "No Service" If that helps at all..
  8. w0rdie

    w0rdie Well-Known Member

    I know what root is.

    I was saying that I don't have the Carrier Name on my lock screen or any place else.
  9. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Look right above the time, it says Verizon Wireless? Mine does. Doesn't bug me though - didn't notice it until now.
  10. emmalina

    emmalina Well-Known Member

    wordie I am with are not crazy or my lock screen is completely logo no clock...oooops I want a clock:eek: how do I get the time?....wouldn't mind logo...but as of right now my screen is black as can be;)
  11. emmalina

    emmalina Well-Known Member

    hmmm might want to add I am using lockbot...but it was black before that too...soo how do I get a clock?thank you....
  12. w0rdie

    w0rdie Well-Known Member

    I'm not being funny... my phone doesn't have anything that says Verizon other than the silver logo printed under the speaker.

    It's not in the software anywhere... and I know why. :)
  13. hakr100

    hakr100 Well-Known Member

    Mine sez:

    Eat at Joe's Diner

  14. emmalina

    emmalina Well-Known Member

    ok wordie...mine does too.....but I do not know why....could you fill me in?did we get a special edition?not being funny either....just wanted to help u, cuz the others seem to think we are blind or why?
  15. JulieJHawk

    JulieJHawk Active Member

    not when the screen is locked, mine is black then, too. i mean after you hit the unlock button at the top of the phone and the screen comes on that you have to swipe down on to get to your home screen. on that "swipe down" screen it says Verizon Wireless with a digital clock underneath and also the date underneath the time.
  16. JulieJHawk

    JulieJHawk Active Member

    you changed it to "unknown"??
    how? mine says "Verizon Wireless" but it won't let me change it.
  17. callmeox

    callmeox Well-Known Member

    I love my Verizon Wireless free lock screen.
  18. emmalina

    emmalina Well-Known Member

    oh ok Julie...well, I guess I haven't seen the "original" lock screen in a while so I didn't remember! I thought you meant when it's asleep! I use lockbot...which makes it easier because all you have to press is the trackstick not the button on top of the phone...then the customized (via lockbot app) screen comes up...I swipe that one...and my home screen more swiping at all....well also no clock and I put a clock with date as a widget on my first home screen! maybe that helps you....well, it's at least one way to get rid of it! good luck;)
  19. DonDraper

    DonDraper Well-Known Member

    If you are like me and you still have an Alltel based plan - you most likely don't have Verizon Wireless on the lock screen. Mine is completely blank above the bar with the time on it.
  20. nyngbld

    nyngbld Well-Known Member

    +1 ><
  21. callmeox

    callmeox Well-Known Member

    ...and the Alltel Smartpack that makes it all possible. :)
  22. RJ McKenzie

    RJ McKenzie Member

    Is there any way to add the "Verizon Wireless" to the operator name? I am on a Alltel plan and I am trying to use the service Sensorly. Sensorly is a application that croudsources users signal strength and shows it on a map. But I can submit data because the data it sends to their service shows up as the operator Unknown. I've been in contact with the developer and they are working on fixing this issue. But in the meantime is there a way to manually change it?

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