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  1. RoryDoherty

    RoryDoherty New Member


    Wonder if someone could help me. Had my Samsung Galaxy Note for just over a week, yesterday decieded to rent a movie off Google Play. Every time I go to play it it give me this message 'failed to fetch licence'.

    Now, I have Google it and people are going on about root. I don't have a clue what this is or what it does.

    If someone could help watch this mkcie it would be a massive help.

    Thanks, Rory

  2. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Same problem here. Just get a rerund
  3. banksnld

    banksnld New Member

    People post to find answers, which that is not. Yeah, getting a refund is possible, but it's not a fix.

    I'm getting it to on a non-rooted HTC Vivid running Android 4; I've noticed the error code listed (Error 44) is different than what was reported for the rooted devices (Error 49).

    I searched on the error message and on the error code both in Google's "help", but of course nothing came up.
  4. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    There is no other answer. Basically Android phones suck. I gave up on watchng the movies that I rented. After asking for a refund and trying again three times, they no longer respond to refund requests.

    I have attempted over and over to play the last movie I rented. Each time the error message is different:

    "Can not fetch licsense" - They had no problem fetching my $3.99!

    "Not aviable in your country" - My money is good enough in this country, why can I not watch the movie here?

    "Playback is not supported in rooted phones (error 49)" - Now that I have returned from my trip, and I am up all night with jet-lag, maybe I can watch that movie. Nope, Goodle is so stupid that they think my phone is rooted.

    Anyway every time I use this phone I want to put it in the damn microwave.. it has proven to be one problem after another. I have ownded it since Feb, and to date i have only made about seven calls on it. I use my old phone for that.

    The Galaxy note is smaller than my ipad, so i use it for email, navigation, and the net. The phone is not reliable enough for anything else. Do not even try the mobile bording pass apps, unless you do not mind holding up the boarding queue. The damn thing took a dump at the airport, and I did not have a paper boarding pass. Was I ever happy with that - NOT!

    I am not an Apple advocate, but a least thier phones work. I will get an iphone later for that reason.

    This is my first Android phone. I am not impressed with andriod in the with andriod in the least. Other OS are much more reliable. Pretty much everyone I know is complaining about thier Android phones. It is very sad when I notice that Windows phones work much better. Now that is pathetic.

    Android is fine for people who have all the time in the world to hack thier phones. Maybe by the time Android 8 is here the bugs might be worked out.

    Sorry, I am so angry that I am talking in circles. I paid $600 for this damn phone. So far it is crap.
  5. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I am all jet lagged, and cannot sleep, so I tried Google help. I tried everything the agent suggested. The error 49 is here to stay (yet my phone is not rooted).

    I want to further make mention of the fact that customer service is required to call me back. So I must have phone service. Duh, I only use my phone on wifi in the USA (I use a SIM I bought in Singapore when I travel).

    Again I say, Android Sucks.
  6. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I finally received a refund after 30 days of struggling with the last (third) movie I rented. I also noted that buying music off the Google Play app does not work. The song says it downloaded, but cannot be played. I downloaded several on Amazon without any probelms.

    I have a number of friends,and colluges who purchased the Galaxy Note, and other Android models. Those who did not return thier phones within three days, have expereinced a lot of problems. I unfortuantly ordered my phone while I was on a trip to Asia. It was waiting at my home back in Phoenix when I returned. It was almost two weeks before I even opened the box. I could not return mine.

    I guess I am gonig to have to use my iPad when I travel because I have to watch something on those long flights. It is a shame becuase my Galaxy Note is the right size. Too bad Andorid is such a failure.

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