Reordering bookmarks in Chrome

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  1. philgp

    philgp Member

    Hi guys

    Does anyone here know how to reorder the Chrome bookmarks in chrome (more importantly, in the Chrome bookmarks widget)? I just need them to be in alphabetical order as that's the way I like them. The way they are now, they're in order added.

    Slightly odd side issue: I can see my regular Chrome for Mac bookmarks in my phone, but I can't see my mobile bookmarks in Chrome for Mac. Is this unusual?

    Would appreciate any insight into this!


    HTC One X
    Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    IceColdJelly Build 0.5

  2. philgp

    philgp Member

    Seriously? Noone? Bump.
  3. AscendoInc

    AscendoInc Active Member

    You can use Change Order (browser > Bookmarks > menu key > Change Order) to move them manually but I don't see options to alphabetize.
  4. philgp

    philgp Member

    I don't think I can do that in Chrome. Are those instructions for stock browser?

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