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    This example is for the Samsung SCH-R720 (Vitality, Metro PCS, Generic etc.) but the same methodology can probably be applied across most android brands/ models.

    If your MEID/ESN is incorrect/ corrupt you may experience one or more of the following:

    * You are receiving MEID/ESN error messages
    * Your OS may also not work correctly i.e. screen doesnt turn off, lock screen doesnt work, certains apps and widgets may force close themselves or cause the launcher to force close. Different phones may behave in different ways.
    * The following or similar text is displayed on your launcher screen (attached screenshot1, screenshot2)

    CHANNEL : 30600
    S/W Version : SCH-R720.****
    Baseband Ver: S:R720.00 x.****
    H/W Version : H:R720.00 x.*

    * Disruption is caused to your cell/ data/ mms service.

    You can also type *#06# in your dialer to see your MEID information. They should be 14 digits long. If its mainly full of zeros its probably corrupt (mine was B000000). A hex and decimal MEID number can also be seen under your phones settings, about phone, status menu. Ignore the 0x or 0H at the start of hex meid number, this simply means that a hex number will follow. If it doesnt match the hex MEID on the label behind your battery then its definately corrupt.

    The most likely cause of this problem is a bad flash and may void your warranty.

    To restore it do the following (Windows example only, no Mac support)

    1. If you havent already, Download and Install (Samsung) USB drivers for your phone from your phone manufacturers (their) website.

    Samsung SCH-R720 MetroPCs Drivers
    Support - More Cell Phone Providers SCH-R720 | Samsung Cell Phones
    Samsung SCH-R720 Cricket Drivers
    Support - More Cell Phone Providers SCH-R720 | Samsung Cell Phones
    Samsung SCH-R720 Generic Drivers
    Support - More Cell Phone Providers SCH-R720 | Samsung Cell Phones

    (optional: if you havent already and wish to take an extra precaution its advised that you backup your phone setting data before processind just in case you have a bad write.

    2. Download and Install CDMA Tool DFS, a free demo version (which is sufficient to do the restore) can be obtained from here. I am not sure if there is a time restriction as I got some key errors after a few days even though it was a demo, so its best to crack on with it as soon as youve installed it
    CDMA Tool. DFS software. If you dont have .net 4 or higher already installed youll be asked to download and install this from Microsoft which you should do when prompted.

    If you have problems you can download it from here (older versions of DFS appear to use older versions of .net).

    Online Installer
    Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

    A full installation for offline computers can be downloaded from here.
    Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

    Either way make sure you reboot after this installation and if necessary complete your CDMA Tool DFS installation.

    3. Once both are installed, open up my computer on your desktop and make a visual note of the drive letters, connect your phone to the computer. At this point a new drive letter should appear.
    Next either right click my computer on your desktop, select properties or click your start button, select control panel and select system.
    Then select the hardware tab, select Device Manager, double click modems, a SAMSUNG Android USB Modem (or your model of phone) should be listed.

    4. Run CDMA Tool DFS, close the account page. Select ports, then right click Samsung Android USB Diagnostic Serial Port and select add/remove port (a green circle appears next to it when its attempting to connect or is connected). Check to see if there is an entry (with your devices details) in the bottom window. Its unlikely to appear there at this point. If it is you can proceed to step 5, otherwise follow the troubleshooting guide first.


    NOTE: throughout this whole process do not turn on USB Storage or ensure it is turned off. i.e. do not select connect to copy files option in the notifications window.

    The first thing you need to do is turn on USB debugging (Incidentally for the Samsung R720 and probably many other models you can leave usb debugging turned off). This can be completed on your phone by going to Settings/Application/Development/ check USB debugging and then click ok. Go back and see if your device appears, you may have to remove and add the port again. If so then proceed to step 5.

    If not, then youre also going to have to open up your phones debug port or equivalent. You should be able to access the debug menu by dialing ##DEBUG# or ##33284#. on your phones dialpad. If not then youll need to do your own research on the net or via your provider to find out what this is for your phone.

    SPC/MSL Code
    For the Samsung R720 (and probably most phones) youll have to enter your SPC/ MSL code number next, its probabaly 000000, if not then try 111111, 333333, 999999 etc. Also try your SPC/ MSL code supplied from the whiterabbit link in the OBTAINING YOUR FULL ESN/ MEID INFORMATION section below. Once your in rememeber this number as youll need this in CDMA DFS Tool later. Next scroll down to port map and select HFK,DIAG and click ok (the menus and options will probably differ by make/ model). Once done your device should appear in the bottom window of CDMA Tool DFS, remember you may have to remove and add the port again.

    5. Double click this new entry. Your phones information should populate the boxes in the Equipment tab, if not something is wrong.

    NOTE: After a day or two I got a product key error even though its a demo and couldnt get any phone info but could read ESN/MEID information (not sure about write) so you could probably finish the job without correcting it. I used another computer to complete it.

    Next you need to enter your SPC/ MSL information in and connect to the device. Its located in a box in the top left hand corner of the app with a icon/ SPC next to it. Its defaulted to 000000, if you dont know yours please read the SPC/MSL code section above about the SPC/ MSL code for your device. Once inputted push the SPC button Check the log window to see if its connected correctly it will say Device Unlocked, while your in there select diagnostic under message level.

    Click on the Programming tab, under the ESN area click read, repeat the same for MEID, either no information or incorrect information will appear. Your Metro PSC will also be displayed in the SPC section.

    Before continuing youll need to obtain your full ESN/ MEID information. You should have already written this down earlier, if not some of this information should be located on the label behind your phones battery. You should obtain at least some of your MEID information from here as you can't continue without it.

    You need to go to the following two sites and enter/ calculate your MEID information.
    CDG : Devices : ESN, MEID and EUIMID Calculator
    This will provide you with MEID/ ESN in both HEX and DEC along with your Check Digit (CD) Number. Youll need to remove the spaces from the results before putting them into CDMA DFS Tool. This site does not provide your SPC/ MSL number which is calculated automatically anyhow by CDMA Tool DFS.

    This site provides the same information along with SPC/ MSL but excluding check digit (CD) info. The SPC/ MSL information may be useful if youre having problems connecting to your phone or accessing its debug menus (in troubleshooting and step 5).
    android -
    Scroll down to the android section and type in either your HEX or DEC MEID not ESN number, select calculate.

    You can also use this app from the app store.
    but if you want to add your check digit (CD) number which I dont believe you need to do then youll still need to go to the CDG website to obtain it.

    6. Remove any old or incorrect data from the ESN/MEID boxes in CDMA Tool DFS, enter your new information obtained from the websites, you only need to enter either hex or dec, the other is caluclated automatically, double check all entered and calculated info matches that provided by the website and the info obtained from behind the battery. Also enter your Check Digit (CD) information in the MEID area (if appropriate). Then click write for both ESN and MEID. You may have to do this a few times for it to write successfully, check the log window in CDMA TOOL DFS, it will say if its successful or not. A good way to test to see if it was successful is to remove the info and click read, all the newly entered info should reappear.
    NOTE: Dont change anything else, i.e. IMEI is for GSM phones and SPC/ MSL should be calculated automatically.

    Reboot your phone, check your new info by dialling *#06# again and looking under settings, about phone, status in your phones menus (again ignore any 0x or 0H at the start of meid numbers). If not then repeat the writing process again from Step 4.

    After youve finished remember to reverse some steps if applicable.

    7. Turn off usb debugging
    8. Goto your debug menu and return it to its orginal setting (just in case you return/ sell your phone).

    (optional: You may wish to backup your phone setting data again, should the problem repeat itself at least its just a simple restore. If you did one before completing this restore, keep the old one too - dont overwrite it, just in case you had a bad write.

    This article is just to restore your corrupted MEID/ESN numbers in order to remove error messages and get your Android OS functioning correctly again. It may also revalidate your warranty. Please remember you may need to do other things to get it back on the network. I can only answer questions about Samsung SCH-R720 phones that are not network connected. If you want to add some additional instructions please post and ill add them. You may be able to use CDMA Tool DFS for GSM phones as there is an option there for IMEI.

    Some useful links
    SPC and MSL codes
    Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) Codes

    MEID Information
    Mobile Equipment IDentifiers (MEID) | Telecommunications Industry Association

    Another app worth consider to do with the job with is QPST. A post using these aps for another device is listed here.

    NOTE: If the problem arose after flashing your phone with a rom etc, next time use a different USB port i.e. a back port instead of front one etc.

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  2. Hey the same thing happen to me with metropcs galaxy s3 when i type *#06# on dialer all I get is B000000 I downloaded DFS paid version and wont let me fixed it because on security is asking for 16 digit password.

  3. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    youll need to find your default password for your device. here is a list for some on another network. im not sure if youres is in here. next time use a different usb port or computer to prevent a reocurrance.

    Cricket Samsung 16 digit passwords
  4. First thanx for this post, most helpful I have found for my issue but unfortunately it did not completely fix my issue...

    I was missing my MEID as it showed the same as yours the: B00000000

    and everything functioned perfectly on my phone except for service I can connect to internet with WiFi, manage and use Apps, etc. but cannot make calls or connect to Play Store...

    I followed your tutorial and it worked like a charm my MEID is not normal but I still have no service, where the service bars are there is a big red X over them and when I try to activate IE: *228
    It says: "Mobile Network Not Available." with an OK button to push under it and in the background shows "Activate Your Phone".

    Just to give you more info here is what is stated under "About Phone" "Status"...

    Battery Status: Charging USB

    Battery Level: 33%

    My Phone Number: 999-999-8174 (this is not right)

    MIN: 999-999-8174 (I am sure this is not right either)

    PRL Version: Default

    MEID: Dec-268435************ (This is correct I assume!)
    HEX-0XA000********** (This is correct it matches MEID under Battery without the 0X at the beginning)

    Network: (No Service)

    Signal Strength: 101 DBM 101 ASV

    Service State: Out Of Service

    Roaming: Not Roaming

    User Name:

    Mobile Network State: Disconnected

    Wi-Fi MAC Address: (correct)

    Bluetooth Address: Unavailable

    Up Time: 0-22-35...36...37...etc.

    Channel-SID: 306**-* (not sure if you need this, let me know!)

    Any help would be awesome, thanx!!!
  5. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    Was you connected to the network before you lost your meid or do you still need to activate your account with the provider? Im not on the network myself as I now have another phone so im not sure how much ill be able to help you. Looks likes theres no service in your area or you need to set up an account with them. Maybe you damaged other settings, how did you lose your meid, did you flash something?
  6. Yeah, I flashed the leaked corperate rom onto the phone after accidently flashing phone with metro-pcs ROM that was supposed to enable Teathering, I hated the Metro-PCS stuff so I flashed over to the Leaked Corperate ROM and that is when I lost Service, it showed on my screen the exact same thing as:

    CHANNEL : 30600
    S/W Version : SCH-R720.****
    Baseband Ver: S:R720.00 x.****
    H/W Version : H:R720.00 x.*

    then I worked to get back to O.A.2.3 and now I am back where I started before flashing to Metro-PCS ROM with everything working except service, that is when I followed your tut on this and now I am here...

    Please help...


    And yes, I do have a Cricket Account that is active, I have already called them to see if there was anything they could do and they said it was a problem with the phone, (didn't tell them I rooted of course) but no help there!!!
  7. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    Next time you do that, use a different usb port, a back one instead of a front etc. Im sure thats why I had the problem in the first place, because it has flashed fine since.

    Im not sure that I can help you with service related issues, as I havent been on the network since messing it up so i didnt troubleshoot it. If you make any headway please post your solution here. Incidentally your phone info looks fine. Its the same as mine but theres no signal here at the mo. Maybe it is prn or prl info (cant remember what its called) Thanks and Good luck.

    I assume you were referring to this with regards to tethering.
  8. no actually I used this:


    But the link was dead to the prerooted pda so I used one that I googled up that had the same name and specs...


    I was able to get service back although I am not sure if it was just blind luck but what I did was enter Lifetime and Lifedata mode using the dialer:


    then go to to recovery to factory settings...
    Let it Reboot and run it's software, it will seem to freeze on the Android sign for a few but will continue on and be good to go, hopefully this will fix everyones, but I am worried it was luck for me...

    Give it a try and post your results...

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  9. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    I recommend you try the rom at the link above. Thats the best one around for both the vitality and admire and includes tethering. o)
  10. Well actually now that my phone is fixed I am using the 2.3.2 OA ROM but still can't tether as Cricket is a Bi***, but I am looking into the CM7.2 but waiting for a stable version if it happends lol!!!
  11. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    OK going back to your solution did you reset it in the rtn menu then enter clockwork mod and do a factory reset or via factory reset option in the settings menu in the Operating system?
  12. I'm sorry i jumped a head of myself and wasn't thinking about you having to have the phone Unlocked not to be confused with Rooted, I will make up a tut in a day or two with the full set of steps, I am out of town :smokingsomb: and do not have the chance till then but my phone has been better than ever, since...
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  13. [HIGH]Disclaimer**

    I am not responsible for you damaging your phone in any way, shape, form.
    That being said; if you do this it is at your own discretion and if anything
    happens to your phone it will be on you![/HIGH]

    This is how I was able to get my service and phone usage back:

    1. First you have to unlock your hidden menu by going into the dialer and dialing: *#22745927333333
    (This will automatically bring up a screen with 2 options, choose to unlock hidden menu)

    2. Now you can enter into some other area's of the phone, the one you are wanting to enter is Lifetime & Lifedata Mode by using the dialer again and dialing: ##786#
    [You may have to enter a sort of password the one that works for my SCH-7200 Cricket is: 000000, if that does not work try 111111, 222222, Etc.
    (This will automatically bring up a screen with 2 options: View & Reset)

    3. Choose the reset and confirm any prompts it gives you making sure not to change any defaults it has up!

    When my phone rebooted I once again had full service and was able to re-root etc.

    Hope this will help anyone who has had the same happen to their phone!!!
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  14. aileigh

    aileigh New Member

    I have a Galaxy Aviator that has a bad MEID status posted all over my screen. Since it popped up, my phone will shut down, freeze up and it just doesn't run smooth any more. It happened about the time I canceled my service... however, with everything this phone can do I would still use it as a small tablet or something.

    So through searching I come across this, I follow the intructions and get to where the CDMA tool should read my SPC and enter my phone's equipment information. Instead all it shows is ERROR in each field. How do I get past this or is my phone a lost cause? Right now it only serves as an MP3 player.

    Thank you so much for any help.
  15. NeilRoth

    NeilRoth New Member

    I have been assisted by . They really know what they're doing there and they're very helpful and cheap!
    With c_d_m_a workshop you're on your own :( but with these guys they were walk you through the whole thing and if you need it will do it for you themselves!
    I'm sure that they'll be able to help you out with your issue as well!

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