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Repeat message warningTips

  1. Trollar

    Trollar New Member

    Looking for help, Thanks in advance. Just got the One S and I use it for work and get pages but don't keep the phone on me all the time; as a result I tend to miss pages. One of the features I don't like (as compared to my prior phone) is there is no option to set the phone to remind you that you have a missed message or call, perhaps every 2 minutes. I emailed support and they suggested installing the app NotifyMe, which bit myself and ITT at work could not get to install. Does anyone know of a similar app that could solve this problem for me? Thanks... Tom

  2. ajbuck68

    ajbuck68 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about calls, but I use go sms pro
    If you download that and go to settings>notification settings>default notification settings>enable reminders. You can set up how often it reminds you.
  3. Blue Thunder

    Blue Thunder Well-Known Member

    Handcent SMS also allows you to set up repeat notifications for missed texts

    You might also want to try Missed Message Flasher which is a free app that seems to do everything you want

    Or another one is Light Flow Lite, which is another free app that might also do what you want

    I hope that one of these two help

    ** EDIT - I have just tried both of these and so, ignore Light Flow Lite it doesn't work on the One S. But, Missed Message Flasher does work and works well. I have left it installed on my phone as it seems a useful little app.

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