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Repeated beeping noise - warning or alarm?Support

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  1. Quitepeculiar

    Quitepeculiar New Member


    I bought an S3 (Orange version) last week, and was woken up at 2:36am last night, by a continuous beeping noise.

    It sounded like my car alarm, which itself sounds similar to a reversing alarm on a van or lorry.

    There was nothing on the screen to indicate what it was trying to tell me. In my effort not to wake the whole house, I quickly turned my phone off.

    I had no alarms or calendar events scheduled, and I don't think the beeping noise is one of the alarm tones on the phone anyway.

    It wasn't connected to a charger, and the battery was at 65% or so.

    Does anyone know what this could be? A warning of some sort? :confused:

    Any advice appreciated.

    Many thanks

  2. Natalievo

    Natalievo Member

    I was so hoping for an answer! Mine is doing the exact same thing and I've gone through all the apps that notify to check if I've missed something but I haven't, it's driving me absolutely insane! :(
  3. Natalievo

    Natalievo Member


    Just to let you know I didn't really figure out why this was happening but I turned my phone off, removed the battery for a few minutes, and when I turned my phone back on it was gone hurraay. You might want to try that, let me know if it works. :smokingsomb:
  4. EggOn32

    EggOn32 New Member

    I had a rather peculiar (seemingly) random beeping issue until I realised it was to do with the RFID chips in various cards in my wallet being read by the S3's NFC.

    It did take me a little while to make the connection between my S3 sitting on my wallet and the beeping noises.

    To test this I took my public transport RFID card out of my wallet and touched it to the back of my S3. Lo and behold *beep-bi-boop* :D

    This may not be the same beeping sound you guys are getting though.
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  5. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Another user in this thread: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/579867-mystery-beep.html

    Reported that he used an unofficial charger that would cause it, when he switched to the Samsung one, it went away. Although I use a Motorola charger for my S3 and it has never beeped.

    I've also heard about NFC reading RFID chips in wallets causing it, too.
  6. pgoodridge

    pgoodridge New Member

    my s3 was doing this to turns out it was reading my debit master card chip
  7. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Samsung Dive can make the phone emit an alarm as well, although it doesn't sound like a beeping noise, more like a siren.

    For those who don't know what Samsung Dive is, it's a Web service that lets you track your phone, remote lock/wipe, play an alarm etc. Basically to assist when it's lost/stolen.

    Just something for people to think about :p
  8. DocsWifey

    DocsWifey New Member

    my husbands phone was doing that beeping noise too. only when sitting on his wallet. we found out it's trying to read his DOD CAC (Military ID) card. It wouldn't make any beeping noise with the credit or debit cards though
  9. MOAT

    MOAT New Member

    OK. So how long does it need to be on a card? Now, I want to make mine beep! :)
  10. 435milf

    435milf New Member

    This helped me figure out why my phone was doing the same thing. Who would have thought a military cac card would cause this annoying issue?! Thanks!

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