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Repeated Loss of Data ConnectionSupport

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  1. Catwink03

    Catwink03 New Member

    I lose my data connection on my DInc4G atleast once every day. I am able to regain my data connection by either restarting my phone or toggling on/off airplane mode. However, I would like to prevent this issue from ever occuring.

    Anybody else experience this issue with their phone?

  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    Hate to say it, but have you tried a factory reset?
  3. Catwink03

    Catwink03 New Member

    Have not tried that yet. I have a replacement SIM card, so I'm gonna swap that first and see if that helps at all.

    If not and if nobody else has any solutions, I will try the hard reset.
  4. drewkelly

    drewkelly Member

    Yes...yes I am. Exactly as you described it.
  5. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    i have the same problem also quite often.
  6. hytekjosh

    hytekjosh Active Member

  7. ceayuso

    ceayuso New Member

    Me too. Mine is fixed by turning off Wifi when I leave home because my phone thinks it's still connected to my home network when I leave. I contacted HTC and they sounded as though they're aware of the issue.
  8. undergone

    undergone Well-Known Member

    Same issue :(
  9. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member

    Yep... I've encountered that same issue. It won't let go of my home network when I leavethe house. Sometimes toggling wireless off/on will fix it. doesn't happen often but is annoying none the less!
  10. sccermn2112

    sccermn2112 New Member

    This happens to me as well quite frequently. I will try toggling wifi off and see if it helps at all. Does anyone have feedback if this for sure is helping with them?

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