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  1. lex5830

    lex5830 New Member


    Got problems with the usb port and see that you can order this usb port on ebay.
    Took a look but I think you can't replace it.
    It seems to be a fixed part on the print.
    Is there a way to replace only the usb port?



  2. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Unless you're really (supernaturally) good at de-soldering/soldering, no.
  3. Russ71

    Russ71 Well-Known Member

    What would be the reason they could be purchased then, would it have another application? I'm not questioning your advice, just wondering why they would sell it to the public knowing we can't use it. TIA.
  4. lex5830

    lex5830 New Member

    Yes that's what I was thinking!
    Why sell it when it isn't possible to replace it.
    Maybe only the mounting is soldert to the print and the connecting leads are pushed against the print?
  5. Biku

    Biku Active Member

    Interesting! Waiting for the answer of a phone mechanic. Holla!

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