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  1. RangerXLT8

    RangerXLT8 Member

    I replaced the digitizer(cracked) on my aria. There was a piece of clear plastic foil that came off with the digitizer, so the LCD was bare. The new replacement digitizer seemed to lack this plastic sheet... There was not much adhesive left on the LCD. Is there supposed to be any plastic between the LCD and the digitizer? Also what kind of adhesive\glue can i use to seal it up? the phone works perfect now.

  2. RangerXLT8

    RangerXLT8 Member

    Okay so here is an update. I replaced my digitizer last week, and it worked great, however the adhesive came off with the cracked digitizer, so for a week there was no adhesive between the digitizer and LCD screen, particles began to get in there. I ordered a new adhesive from furapower global and it was perfect.

    HTC Aria Digitizer Adhesive

    So today I peeled the digitizer back, placed the adhesive and sealed it up. It worked perfect.
  3. aiea

    aiea New Member

    Please give us more detail how did you apply the adhesive to HTC Aria digitizer. Did you apply the sticky side to inside of the digitizer? Please post your instruction. Thanks ( I got stuck right at the adhesive, and hang right there for 2 days
  4. SteepedinTruth

    SteepedinTruth New Member

    Thank you for putting up that link! My LCD screen's seal got shredded during my own repair and the adhesive kit that came with my replacement digitizer was for a much, much larger phone. :( I would like to ask you a follow up question though. As someone else who recently went through the repair process, did you have any tricks for lining up your LCD perfectly with the digitizer? I had to set it several times before it looked right (the first time seemed to have too much space on the bottom of the display, and then after a realignment it was crooked, and even now it's a bit off, but still usable for now).
  5. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    Is it a simple task? Also where did you order your LCD from?
  6. vergeofimpetus

    vergeofimpetus New Member

    hey people , i'm having allot of the problems that you all are having, like, trouble with aligning my lcd~digitizer, tape issues, wondering if i was sen't the correct "adhesive" also, the adhesive i have is MUCH MORE thin than what i found the phone.
    i was reluctant to take the factory adhesive off because the adhesive that came with the screen was so thin compared to the factorys' that it looked like it would make a difference , so i put the adhesive that i was given on-top of the factorys'. by the way

    DO NOT DO THAT, i am having to take my phone back apart again (would be doing anyway b/c of the LCD alignment) i will try to devise a method that's reproducible, for the alignment or maybe do my first diy video or something, because it seems like everyone is conveniently forgetting that the assembly is the hardest part, not dis-assembly

    this probbally won't help everyone but in hindsight, i would suggest accounting for this alignment issue BEFORE seprating the lcd from the screen because this way you could do something like a cut-out-mold with for example, paper and then cardboard, beforehand, while everything's aligned like it should be.

    AndrewAmazed = that should answer your question up there ....ebay
  7. vergeofimpetus

    vergeofimpetus New Member

  8. austinaviation

    austinaviation New Member

    Looks like the sealant for the digitizer glass is Permatex black silicone Item # 81158 (16B) I found it at Autozone, but any auto parts store should have it. I used a syringe to apply it, but it is still messy.

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