replaced screen,but screen goes blank ONLY when i use phoneSupport

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  1. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    Just r &r'd the screen and now it goes blank when i access voice mail,maybe calling also,haven't tried calling good any other

  2. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    That doesn't sound like a normal problem lol. I hope you have already contacted the company directly. Keep me updated!

    -concerned comrade
  3. accdon

    accdon New Member

    when on a phone call the screen will go black in about 10 seconds and i cant hang up or do anything without pressing the power button and waking it up first. I have tried all of the power settings, screen timeouts, proximity settings and nothing works. Always goes out in about 10 seconds. this seems widespread as ive seen lots of older posts on other sites. does anyne know of a new solution to this? I have 250 of these and any help will be greatly appreciated.


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