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replacement battery marquee - recommendations what to buyGeneral

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  1. mrtimo

    mrtimo Well-Known Member

    Anyone bought a good replacement battery (to get better batterylife) on ebay? Any recommendations?

  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    All I'm gonna say is be very careful who you buy from. I bought a 1800mAh battery and when I tested it it tested as a 1500mAh battery. These Chinese SOB's just stick a 1800mAh sticker on a 1500mAh battery and sell it. Most people would never know the difference and think that it's just a cheap battery is the reason it's getting the same life as a 1500.

    There are battery testers on the market that read the battery and tell you what the mAh is. Be vary careful. Oh....... just because the seller has good feedback doesn't mean that they are selling what they advertise, it just means that the people buying them are 2 stupid to test what they buy. LOL

    The next battery that I buy will not be bought off Ebay. I'll buy it from a reputable seller where I don't need to worry about them shitting me and selling a 1500 battery that they advertised as a 1800.

    Oh..... I did get my money back plus got to keep 4 1500 batteries too. The fist ones that they sent clearly said 1500 on them so I contacted the seller and they sent me ones that said 1800mAh on them. LMAO!!!! I tested and they were still 1500. They just put an 1800 sticker on them. Bastards.:rolleyes:
  3. aiq

    aiq Member

    I have an extended battery that I bought from Amazon. Its advertised at 3500mah. I have been using it over a month now and can personally vouch that it lasts me two days with light usage and a full day with over 25% left after a full day of heavy use. the brand was hyperion I think. I highly recommend it. Best 15 bucks I ever spent on a phone.
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  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah but you have the larger back too. That means none of the protective cases will fit it and I've gotta have those. Lol I will look up the name though and see if they have a larger battery without having to get a new back cover.
  5. germ1280

    germ1280 Member

    I bought the same one and should be here tomorrow...can't wait since the stock doesn't last 6 hrs or so. I also just got my phone back from LG after sending it back for over heating to temps over 118 degrees. Hopefully new battery wont cause any problems
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Let us know how you like it and how long a full charge lasts. Thx
  7. sniperruff

    sniperruff Member

    Sorry for digging up aging thread, but wonder whether anyone has any luck with extended battery. I got my Marquee used and the battery lasts ~30 hrs standby with minimal data/talk and no push.
  8. Nooski

    Nooski Well-Known Member

    Please respond guy who bought the battery.
  9. pyccki

    pyccki Well-Known Member

    I just got this "1900mAh BL-44JN Battery+Charger"
    from fleaBay

    checked it with Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.6.5
    but it shows only 1500mAh,
    contacted seller and he wants to refund money
    but i said that i want a new battery,
    let see that they said.

    and shipping was 5-6 business days, i'm like WOW.
  10. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    This is why I say to check the mAh of the batteries. The sellers try to pull a slick one and slap a sticker with a higher mAh on the batteries. They tried it with me and I caught them.

    If you have this happen, REPORT THEM to Ebay or Amazon. This is very bad business practice. Just think of all the people they have sold batteries to that were misrepresented by false advertisement. :mad:

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