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replacement (eve) on the way

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  1. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    after having this phone for only 4 mths i'm getting a replacement through the lg warranty. my phone will not do the software upgrade, was with rogers tech support twice live chat where the take over your screen to watch what is going on. i even tried the software upgrade on another pc same thing so really looking like a device problem.also getting the freezing issues black screen at times. so here's hoping i'm getting a more stable phone and not another lemon. :confused: .

  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: my replacement came today which i thought was quite fast via ups. first thing i did once fully charged was did the software update from 10c to 10f. the first attempt the download @ 98% said something like lgtool.exe needs to close and prompted me to send the error to microsoft or not. i sent it off, then next attempt the download & update went in no problem so the old phone is bad. off it goes in the ups shipper mailer; i wonder if it will be-resold once it's repaired or if they will junk it?? i was told it must be returned within 15 days or 349.99 charge will be put on my bill, ouch ! what would i do with 2 eve's anyways :)

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