Replacement phone. HELP, please.

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    After hopelessly trying to figure this out for myself I gave up and decided to come here.

    So, I got my replacement phone for my Motorola android today and after researching how to save text messages and apps and contacts i came across App Saver, Sms backup and restore. I then continued to download these both on my old phone. I used them both, almost positive, correctly. My problem being I now can not find where to restore all of this information on my new phone. I still have my old phone since I have not sent it back yet and I have been switching my sd card and battery in between the two trying to figure this out. I can change/edit information on my old phone if needed. I really just need help, a lot. My text messages that are saved are extremely important, a lot more worried about them then having to reinstall apps. To my understanding though I had to download the app saver application in order for the backup and restore application to work. Also, i backed up my contacts just by export/import option. I just now imported them but they didn't show up? Help with this, if possible. THANK YOU in advance :)

    I guess if I just knew how to retrieve saved data on my sd card I would be set.
    sorry, I am new to this and realized I originally posted this in the wrong forum /:

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    can you not put the sd card into your computer and save them temporarily until you learn to move them over; assuming you are needing to get rid of the old phone.

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