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replacement phone will not update 2.2Support

  1. ryshawncul

    ryshawncul New Member

    First I want to thank all you guys for the hard work y'all have done. If it wasn't for all this good information. To help figure my transform out I probly went crazy by now. Here's my problem I had my phone rooted said an done everythings great than my screen messes up take it in get a replacement. New phone does not update to 2.2. I did the (trick) downloaded app at the same time goto update phone an it still wouldn't work I seen a thread on updateing phone manually and can't seem to find it just need some help in the right direction to get me up and rolling again

  2. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    ryshawncul, When you were doing the update, where you using wifi or where you on the 3G network? You have to be on the 3G network when doing the OTA update to 2.2 Froyo. Also, was your phone close to a full charge on the battery? Here's the original guide to the OTA:

    Sprint Community: Samsung Transform: Samsung Transform Maintenance Releases

    Try the update again, if it doesn't work, go back again and download an app from the android market (e.g. "Call Confirm" by 7Bit or "Disk usage" by Ivan Volusyuk or do an update "Google Maps") and wait for it to complete, the try the update again. You might even try powering the phone off, do a battery pull, then reboot the phone and try the update again.
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