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Replacing over connectivity issues, a few questionsSupport

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  1. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    So my D4 has been having MAJOR connectivity issues lately. I'm running the latest OTA software (but the issue didn't start immediately after the update). I've uninstalled/reinstalled the apps its the worst at, rebooted, and even factory reset, but no fix.

    I'm going to go to a vzw store to get it swapped out for a new one. I have a few questions:

    1. Since this seems to be an issue not caused by the user (like dropping the phone and replacing it for a broken screen) but with the hardware (or software) I shouldn't be charged for a replacement, nor need to pay a deductible, right?

    2. If I create a backup using titanium, can I restore that backup on the new phone, or is the backup only compatible with the phone it was created on?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

  2. 712stranger

    712stranger New Member

    Connectivity issues as in randomly dropping data? Every 4g device that me and my girlfriend have had including stratosphere, thunderbolt, rezound, have all had data connectivity issues. My stratosphere was replaced by the D4 i am using now. Ive had it for about a month and ive had data drop once. Every time i tried to open the play store my data would drop. I have read this has something to do with how the devices switch from 4g/3g. I was in an area that does not have strong 4g. I rebooted to fix the problem and it hasnt happened since.

    However. With the other 4g devices that I have had they all started off working great then a few months down the road I get a few data drops even when I was not using the phone. After awhile it became very frequent the data would drop countless times within an hour. factory reset did everything I could think of and it didnt solve the issue.

    To be honest it think it is something to do with the verizon network or something with the sim cards, I really dont know since it seems to me its all the 4g devices having problems. I called verizon and asurion enough times in one night they finally sent me a replacement phone.

    My uncle has also gone through 3 droid 4 phones because the ear piece always burned out of them. He finally complained enough they gave him the razr maxx.

    in my opinion, complaining enough works
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  3. 712stranger

    712stranger New Member

    also I am not sure about titanium backup being restored on another phone. From what I have read you can, but you may have issues with some off the apps not being compatible and all settings not being restored.

    I have only restored my backup with titanium backup when flashing to a new rom and it works great.

    Sometimes I will use Astro File Manager to backup my apps. It will save all the apk files to your sd card so you can install them, without having to redownload.

    Sorry if I am of no help
  4. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    I basically went in the store, they gave me a new LTE Sim card. If that won't work they said they'd get me a new phone. The guy I worked with was really cool

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