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Replacing S planner with Google CalendarSupport

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  1. chingy

    chingy New Member


    I've just received my new Samsung Note. What a fantastic phone!

    Thing is, I dont like the S Planner which comes with the phone and wondered if its possible to remove/replace this and use the standard Google Calendar (if possible - as I can't seem to find the app on the android marketplace).

    Really would appreciate any help please.


  2. Deathangel

    Deathangel Member

    Hi, I picked up my Note yesterday and I didn't like the calendar (or Touchwiz at all) either. I replaced SPlanner with Simple Calendar Widget from the market.
    I also installed ADW Launcher so that i could replicate my Desire HD homescreens and use the phone in landscape without having to switch.
  3. chingy

    chingy New Member

    Hi Deathangel

    Yeah I've played on my girlfriends Galaxy S2 and the calendar works than the S Planner and I'd like to remove and replace it with the proper Google Calendar.

    Are these forums quite quiet in general?
  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    See if you can find the google calendar apk file online. You should be able to just google it.
  5. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Can you not Sync the S Planner with Google Calender then? :mad:
  6. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I finally figured out how to make it work without getting the error with Kies etc. I'm getting used to it so far. I also have smooth calendar widget on my home page that connects to Splanner. So far I was able to have it all sync to google calendar (viewable on the PC). If you're having an issue with the accounts sync, let me know and I can post the solution (it's not so straight forward but it worked...actually I might have read about the solution in this forum!).
  7. thameera

    thameera Well-Known Member

    You don't need to remove S Planner. Just sync it with Google Calendar and the combination is perfect!
  8. PasiS

    PasiS Well-Known Member

    I can recommend Business Calendar Free. It looks good, syncs fine with Google cal and Ms Exchange ActiveSync and has customizable widgets..
  9. KCG

    KCG New Member

    The S Planner Calendar is only syncing with my Google Calendar from April 2012 through April 2013, leaving out other months, past and future. My Google Calendar has events from 2008 through 2014. The only solution to getting my full calendar displayed is to go to Google Calendar itself. BTW, the I Pad doesn't have any issue at all showing the full Google Calendar or syncing with it, and it is not a google product!
  10. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    It's ALWAYS been an issue that Android phones will ONLY sync a month (or two?) months of past appointments and twelve months of future appointments. It's been raised time and time again with Google and makes Android phones unattractive for business and anyone who relies on past calendar data, but they have done nothing about it.
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  11. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    My S Planner has all of my Google Calendar data as far back as I can see. I didn't do anything special to enable this. My previous two Android phones also had presented no issues with calendar info forward or backward from the current date.
  12. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    Are you quite sure about that, zc1? I've had five or six different Android devices now and not a single one of them sync'd calendar data more than two months past. They do keep past data, so if you set your phone up on the 1st December, it'd grab data back to 1st November. Then when you look in June, it'll seem to have sync'd all the ways back. But re-format and re-sync and it'll only grab the past two months.

    Would LOVE to know if, on doing a whole system reset and re-sync of the calendar data, that it really did sync everything in the past - if it did, what phone/OS are you using?
  13. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    I have a samsung galaxy note and my calendar goes all the way back more than a year. Not sure what I did to make this work.
  14. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    That's so odd. I got mine on the 3rd May. Nothing in my calendar prior to the 3rd April. There's years of appointments in my online Google calendar but they don't sync to my device. And this is how it's always been for me on any Android device.
  15. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

  16. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    Can't explain it. This is my third Android device and all of them have synced everything from my Google Calendars. I didn't do anything special to enable this.
  17. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    Rebuttal, perfection has not been achieved. Yes, S-Planner will sync with the user calendar, however, events from 'shared' calendars will not be visible. Which begs the question, how does one get events from shared calendars to be visible in SPlanner? Keep in mind that knowledge of the password for the other calendars is unavailable (which is reasonable.)

    Clarification : feature described is "Add a friend's calendar" - easily performed with the web based google calendar.
    ref: h.t.tp://support.google.com/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=37099

    My friends calender appears on the google calendar web view (through the web browser on my PC) but not within S-Planner. This is unfortunate, because the friend calendar is actually my work schedule (friend is actually employer) thus making SPlanner far less than perfect.
  18. trunksy

    trunksy New Member

    It also gives me an error and tells me that it's not compatible with Kies when I try to create a new event on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I haven't been able to find a Google Calendar ICS APK yet that isn't meant for rooted devices. The Google Play store doesn't have Google Calendar.
  19. Gary Jay

    Gary Jay New Member

    I've had my Samsung Tablet (Galaxy 2 10.1) for a month now and have had nothing but trouble with the S Planner calendar application. I am able to get my calendar and the calendars that have been shared with me onto the device and syncing with Google Calendars. AND, when I add an event, I can add it to any of the calendars I am syncing with. But if I add an event to the wrong calendar, once it syncs with Google (which is pretty quickly), I can no longer move the event to another calendar using the device. I can edit text, times, etc., but NOT the calendar the event is to appear on. The drop down list of calendars I have access to does not appear (like it does when you are adding an event.) You simply see the calendar it was added to with no ability to move the event to another calendar.

    If you DO need to move an event between calendars, your only choice is to log onto Google Calendar on the internet and change it (or pull out your Apple iPad which handles interfacing with multiple Google calendars flawless.... hmmm so does my Droid X, why can't Samsung?) A coworker has a Samsung Nexus with the exact same problem. He was hoping that his upgrade to Jelly Bean would fix the calendar event move problem to alas, no.

    Anyone experience this and figure out a solution?
  20. siwan05

    siwan05 New Member

  21. ajaynatu83

    ajaynatu83 Well-Known Member

    I wud recommend Business Calender free.
    - can sync with the email ids u had saved appointments on s planner. I hv 3 email ids synced plus phone data synced.
    - syns with birthdays, anniversaries etc u have saved in ur contact details.
    - amazing customization than s planner, i hv my background opacity to 0 n looks amazing with all data yet d wallpaper visible. Pro version has more calender skins.
    - many range of widgets available as per ur liking. Just agenda or week or month view. Frm 1 x 1 to 5 x 5, which u can fit on ur galaxy note screen.

    Give it a try. M pretty haply with it. There might b many calenders who wud do d job..... But we r also looking for a good easy to operate calender interface n eye pleasing display it can give.
    For me it worked. Hv a look.
    Hope this helps.
  22. krmorison

    krmorison New Member

    Galaxy Note 10.1 S Planner. Same problem with Exchange (no other calendars loaded) with lots of missing events but my phone Samsung GT-S7500 (Android 2.3.6) has no problem with Calendar. I can't see any pattern for missed events: some are new, some old, some recurring some not. When I archived some of my calendar in exchange, a missing event turned up on my Note.

    Looks like S planner is only getting a subset of the exchange calendar file. Business Calendar reports exactly the same events with lots missing.

    Under settings, Data usage, Exchange Services is showing 1.26 MB of data with a full blue bar. Could it be out of memory allocation? Can I clear it or extend it?
  23. jk_sigtermans

    jk_sigtermans New Member


    I am using S Planner on my Samsung Note 2 to access my shared Google calendar.
    I noticed when adding an event in S Planner, the event is added locally, but when accessing Google calendar online, the event is not there. The shared calendar is mine, so I should have all rights to modify it.
    When adding the event, it displays the label of my shared Google calendar, so it was not added to another calendar by mistake.
    I expect it also to be there online when accessing the calendar directly. It's like the event is only stored locally on my Note.
    I have the exact same thing with Free Business Calendar, so I am wondering am I missing a configuration option somewhere?


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