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replacing Sidekick. Questions from a less than observant user.Support

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  1. WhippyNom

    WhippyNom Member

    About a year ago I had my fill of my Iphone. I switched to the Sidekick/Android platform, and have not missed the I-os at all one bit. I need a bit of advice as my Sidekick 4g has died.

    Here is where I should have paid attention. Moving from an Iphone to the android I had NO sim card and NO SD card (Sim cards are different sizes).

    As soon as I entered my Gmail account info, It populated my contact list with more people than I know....which IMHO was spectacular.

    Now a few months later, my Sidekick has died. I moved over to a "Rugby Pro"....(My wife supplies me with my phones). I have been unable to find out how the sidekick knew my contacts and imported them, because the Rugby does not seem like it will import contacts at all.

    Am I missing something? Because I NEVER EVER saved my contact list ANYWHERE. I assumed that it was saved somewhere, and I saved every new contact to my "Google contacts".

    My Sidekick was unlocked and not with tmobile.

    I guess my question is: How can I get to these contacts...where are they....what can I do to get them onto my new phone?

    Also, I just purchased a Brand new Sidekick 4g....and am Waiting for it in the mail. However in the week + Id love to be able to use this Rugby PRO in the layover.

    Many thanks in advance for any advise.


  2. WhippyNom

    WhippyNom Member

    Found how to resolve. Also discovered how to list the contact list by last name first.

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