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replacing touchwiz's email with stock email

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  1. redz71

    redz71 Member

    (galaxy note) id like to root-uninstall touchwiz's email app, and replace it with a backup of the email app from my galaxy nexus (backup was from android 4.0.4, same as my note is running.

    anyone see any problem with this?

  2. T.M.M.L

    T.M.M.L Well-Known Member

    Greetings redz71,

    While I don't think that there will be any issues, you have to be careful when moving some of the core aspects of the phone because they can be tied together sometimes.

    I would suggest rooting the note, renaming the touchwiz email app, not deleting it, and trying the other email app. This way, if something goes wrong, all you have to do is delete the new email, and return the touchwiz email back to its original name.

    Hope this helps.
  3. redz71

    redz71 Member

    ah yes, that sounds reasonable. thanks!
  4. redz71

    redz71 Member

    holy crap! i did it!!

    so here is what i did:

    renamed email.apk and email.odex to *.bak.
    tried to install googleemail.apk. it installed.
    tried to run it, and it it ran. crashed almost immediately. almost locked the phone up, but it recovered.
    i backed up the original email.apk before i renamed it, so i ran the restore from root tool box. original email wont run now either :(

    so i press forward. i completely uninstall the *.apk.bak files as well as the touchwix exchange services. then installed the excange services from myu Nexus backup... and voila! its working! im tied back into my Gmail and exchange accounts, desktop widget and all!


    man i hope this works stabily (ill need some time to test it of course), but the touchwiz email was just so annoying, always flipping from the unread emails to the ones already read (why would i scroll DOWN to unread emails???)

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