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  1. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    I see that there have been six (6) people who have posted in the Replenish forum, and over 800 views of the few threads that we have here. This has caused me to wonder whether there is a reason for the lack of activity...

    Maybe I got a phone for which the typical user is not the type of person that would participate in a forum.

    Perhaps the phone is too new, and the only people hitting the threads here are trying to decide if the phone is right for them.

    It would seem that there would be a flood of people new to the Android that decided to give it a try because of the great price (currently free)... but actually when I went to the local Sprint store to check things out, the sales person there asked me what I thought of the phone because only a few had been sold there yet, and it has been over a month since release.

    Maybe some introductions are in order... I'll start

    I have worked in technical fields for over 30 years now... I wrote my first program in my senior year of high school in 1975. Along with technological toys I enjoy bicycling, and tinkering with vintage bicycles.

    Even though I like my my electronic gadgets, I have no need to spend the money to be at the high end of the technology scale. I am perfectly happy with the performance of a Netbook for my laptop needs, and the Replenish for my mobile phone needs. I did root my Hero when I was using it, but frankly didn't really care as much as some people who seem to be driven to root just because they can.

    I got the replenish because:

    a) it was free.
    b) it does not impose the $10 Sprint smart phone tax.
    c) I like the Android OS which I was first exposed to with my HTC Hero.

    So, why did you get a Replenish? If you haven't what has brought you to read the Replenish forum?

    ... Darwin

  2. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    We just picked up a Replenish for our daughter. I have an EVO, spouse has an Epic, so I thought it would be nice for her to have a smart phone (albeit one with less horsepower, which should be fine for her). I think she'll enjoy having the apps and other benefits that come with Android...and yes, it was free/no $10 per month fee. She wanted a keyboard, so the old Hero was a no-go for her.

    Right now I'm just getting it set up for her. Her contacts are not yet synced with Google so I'm looking for an easy way to export them. I've also set her up to sync contacts with Facebook. I've noticed that there is no option to link non-FB contacts with FB in the same way Sense allows me to do it on my EVO. Also the FB contacts don't seem to be syncing with Google.

    Otherwise - so far this is a nice little phone.

  3. crazydriver1

    crazydriver1 Member

    I'm pretty sure I'm getting this for my son next month as soon as he is eligible for a new phone. I currently have an Optimus S and love it. He wants a real keyboard and I've checked out the Replenish in the stores and the keyboard seems study. He text alot! averages 10,000 or so a month so I don't want a keyboard that seems flimsy or with buttons that are going to wear off
  4. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

    I'm here because I am curious about the device. Finally saw it and liked it; however, I have Everything Messaging with Data Plus Pack (unlimited everything but call minutes--and we don't even use 10% of our minutes-- on 4 phones) and this plan is a "no-go" for the phone. I'm an Android nut (only one tablet) so I watch a lot of the forums.
  5. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    well im hoping to improve things a bit here. i dont have a replenish, but i have some things in mind for it :)

    recognize my name? its how you guys got root ;) well actually interdpth did the exploit, i just put it in a fancy one click script. i am also the guy making shabbymod for the samsung prevail, why is that important? well ive got a few replenish users testing a rom for yall :) if it all goes well (which should as they seem to be loving it ;) ) ill release this weekend
  6. DavesReplenish

    DavesReplenish New Member

    Thanks for the root code for the replenish. It has opened up the phone to new and better software (and got rid of Sprint ID).
    I'm new to android but have been running Linux for 4 years.
    I am amazed at the things this phone can do (GPS apps, OBDII apps...etc)
    We have three "replenishes" in our family and my two youngest kids are surprised at what I have been able to make my phone do. They didn't want to "violate" their Sprint phones by rooting them.
    I now know what the boot screen is.... "ShabbyMod". I only see part of the words (cropped) and the 4 penguins at boot up time.
    Got any tips on using your boot loader?
    Thanks again for your work...:)
  7. chadportenga

    chadportenga Member

    Got mine the first day available - ok, I ordered it the first day available. Was online by the end of the week. Bought it for pretty much the same reasons as you listed "a,b, AND c).

    Now I'm here looking for some answers to various issues, hoping to get them resolved.
  8. ky7

    ky7 Member

    I got a Replenish a few months ago for similar reasons and I like it very much. I am using around 1-2 gigabytes of data month (and not just for YouTube and streaming audio) so I can vouch for the usefulness of this phone. In fact, my satisfaction with the Replenish has led me to buy a second Android device (HTC Flyer) and to find this forum to learn more about the Android system.
  9. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    I posted earlier - I bought the Replenish for my daughter because of the price, lack of data surcharge, and Android OS. She likes having a keyboard.

    I'm on my third Android - just picked up a Photon and looooove it - and am now selling my beloved, rooted EVO. I won't give it to her...:D

    Anyway, I think the Replenish appeals to basic users, not power users or folks who like to tinker...or maybe as a stepping stone to a more complicated Android. And I suspect that Little Darwin is right - the kind of users who buy the Replenish are not the ones who spend a lot of time on the forums researching how to root or otherwise dink around with their phones. That's my hunch anyway.

    Replenish is great for my daughter, although I wish we could re-calibrate the screen. That's my only problem with it.
  10. ky7

    ky7 Member

    Well, as a longtime Sprint customer, the Replenish appealed to me because of the lack of data surcharge, indeed, and because of the hardware keypad. I have compared it to my brother's Motorola Droid (on Verizon) and mine loads web pages just as quickly, but I realize there are a lot of variables affecting that.

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