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  1. Shaun 4912

    Shaun 4912 New Member

    Hello, I have been using the Proclaim for the last six months and continue to be impressed with its performance. One question which still remains in when someone sends a group text message. Is there a way to 'reply all' to the group? It seems that the only function available is to reply to the sender??

  2. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member

    I might just be having a brain fart at the moment, but what exactly do you mean by group text message? Multiple people sending you the same text message?

    Edit: And welcome to Android Forums!!! :)
  3. Shaun 4912

    Shaun 4912 New Member

    Hello, Maybe I'm not saying it correctly but when I receive a text message which has been sent to me along with a few other people there are times I would like to 'reply all' to everyone else who received the message as well. As it stands I have to manually go through the process of adding each contact to my replied message and was wondering if there was a function which would simply allow me to easily respond back to the entire group?
  4. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can reply to them like that (i.e. a 'reply all' button) because your phone doesn't know when other people's phones recieve text messages, unless they're sent by you. I'm pretty sure the only way is, just like you're doing now, add each of their contacts one by one and send them a group text that way. Someone can back me up on this if they want.

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