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[REQ] RSS Feed Or widgetSupport

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  1. Ken2Chill

    Ken2Chill Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to get or create a RSS Feed Or widget that lets me see any new information that is posted on the this Triumph-All things root forum? I visit this site daily if not hourly ( yes, I know obsessed) and it'll be great if I can see any new updated information at a glance. Thank you guys in advance.

  2. CMoffset

    CMoffset Member

    Same here! I'm constantly checking out this site every hour.
  3. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

  4. Ken2Chill

    Ken2Chill Well-Known Member

    That would work for our device, I just pasted that link into Google reader and it came out perfectly with their scrollable widget. Plus there are other Widgets out there for RSS feeds. Now we just need to find our feed. Thank you g60.
  5. nomde

    nomde Member

    Ken2Chill and g60madman like this.
  6. Ken2Chill

    Ken2Chill Well-Known Member

    Thank you nomde, I'm using it with Google reader right now. :)

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