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  1. redravenxo

    redravenxo Active Member

    I've been looking for an app that will automatically answer the phone & put the caller on hold & have had no luck, so I am tossing the idea out to you dev people. I've even got a catchy name for it: WASP-Answer or just WASP. (Wait a Second Please). ;)

    I run into a lot of situations where I just need an extra moment to answer a call.

    *I'm finishing checking out at the grocery store or placing a food order
    *I need to finish peeing without subjecting the caller to sound effects
    *I have a bunch of stuff in my hands & need to set it down
    *I'm somewhere loud & need to move away

    I can think of many other examples & I'm sure others can, as well.

    My voicemail picks up after 4 rings & there is no option to set a longer number of rings (and having the phone ring for ages wouldn't be helpful in all these situations, anyway).

    So, say I've got an important call coming in that I really want to answer. I don't want to send it to voicemail or call back. I'd like the person calling to know that I'm there & planning to answer, just needing an extra moment for some reason, but I can't actually answer and say so. It's not always polite or possible for me to answer, yell "Hold on," mute the phone until I'm done doing whatever, & then answer.

    What I'm looking for would be sort of a cross between an excuse message & a ringback. Kind of like you'd get when calling an office with an automated answering system. Basically, something that would allow me to hit a single button to answer & play a message saying "Hi, I'm here & I'm going to answer in just a second, so please wait... or if you don't want to wait, press 1 to go to voicemail." (*insert music* if we're getting really fancy with it). (You could probably even have the app replace the "Excuse Message" button/function, so it would be nice & easy to integrate).

    I have seen apps that kinda do half of what I need & I've found ones that will do it for text, but haven't seen one that is quite what I'm describing here. I don't know a thing about the guts of Android programming, but from looking at various apps & phone features, I believe the capabilities are there - Just haven't seen anyone actually put them together quite this way.

    Anyone interested in playing around with it? Thanks!

  2. abchow1

    abchow1 New Member

    Did you get any help on this? I would like the same feature. Other boards have the same enhancement request posted. No one is picking up this idea either.
  3. sovereign313

    sovereign313 Member


    I can make it auto-answer and hold/mute, the problem is playing a message to the user when the call is answered. The problem is, that carriers use a proprietary firmware, and never give the android system access to the call stream. There is a work around, just as there is for most things, but it's hacky, and wouldn't be that great, if it would even work. Which would be answer the call, turn the media player on, and play through the speaker while the phone is answered, but even then, I'm pretty sure the call app interrupts media, and may not even let it play. So, it could answer the call, and put them on hold, but then they'll think you've hung up on them... or they hear that you've picked up, hear a distant "hold message" and the phone moving around in your pocket, then poof... on hold. Neither of these are ideal. I suppose, if you were tell folks that you do this, they could know / expect that they are on hold for a sec, but it's certainly less than what you are asking. I say, petition the carriers for a redress of grievances.
  4. shahabazas

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  5. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

  6. sovereign313

    sovereign313 Member


    It looks like it's plagued with the same problem I mentioned here. It answers the call, and plays your "answering machine message" through the speaker so the caller can hear it. This makes it impossible to make it automatically answer, and play the message without disrupting the person receiving the call.

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