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request for app to create simple melodys with the ability to set as ringtones

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  1. begeman

    begeman New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Would love to see this created as an android app:
    aM laboratory

    Not only is it relaxing and fun to play around with but it would b extremely useful to be able to create melodies using it and then have the option to save/set them as ringtones or text tones.

    I personally am tired of all of the ringtones made from songs and it is difficult to find classic ringtones which i feel are more appropriate in certain situations. This would allow the user to create their own.

    The ability to access melodies that others have created would b a plus as well (see comments section in site above where users posted their codes).

    Perhaps an app developer could contact the creator of tonematrix and work together with them.

    please : )


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