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  1. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone send me a guide this way to get me started? I want to be able to help people here like GP, ktb, Leslie, Curtis, Hastag, Artine, and others have been doing. I currently program for a robotics team, so I have some decent understanding of syntax, logic, etc.

    Thanks everybody!

  2. Hashtag

    Hashtag Well-Known Member

    Here are some things that I like.

    Busy Coders Guide to Android Development- http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&ved=0CCcQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcommonsware.com%2FAndroid%2FAndroid-1_0-CC.pdf&ei=ZNtxUMacBpGAqQGYiIHgCw&usg=AFQjCNHqNqT9QHFKR7MQ0ZOA7BP5tIGTzg&sig2=-xw2GEN9ht7ZZ1USlYxczg

    This guide is more centered toward app development, so it has tons of Java. It lays it out really nicely, and progresses great.

    Complete Android ROM Development and Essentials Tutorial- [Guide]Complete Android ROM development and essential tutorials ~~ By Nero Young ~~ - xda-developers

    There's a lot of good stuff in this thread.

    Basic and Intermediate Development Guides Collection- [GUIDE] Basic and Intermediate Development Guides (For Interested Devs) COLLECTION - xda-developers

    This is a collection of awesome tweaks. Helps out when I have no idea what the hell I'm doing to my ROM.

    Tweak Collection- [MOD][GUIDE]tweak collections for build.prop/init.d - xda-developers

    Nice little list of build.prop/init.d tweaks.

    Other than that I just bug people who know more than I do with questions about it lol
  3. jonny5449

    jonny5449 Well-Known Member

    I'll write up a guide on very simple deving soon:)
    When cm7 comes out I'm porting joyos and a buncha stuff
  4. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    Why don't you help port cm7?
  5. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    Easier said than done Landonh12.
  6. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    I understand. But more people helping=faster port
  7. jonny5449

    jonny5449 Well-Known Member

    I'm not good with code or Linux at that heck have a 120 gb computer and its a net book......
    If no Linux involved I'm in I've never ported cyanogenmod before...........
  8. ktb83

    ktb83 Well-Known Member

    A little bird told me CM9 is booting.
  9. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    I started basically with what amounted to Aeneas. Post #2 in the build has some basic info to get you going. Aeneas is how many of those guys roms are built as well.

    Some people dive right into source, but I think it helps to start tweaking a current rom first so you have a feel for what goes where and what works in what way first.

    Is it as glamorous as building from source, no. Some devs look down on that approach (even if they started that way), but in reality, depending on how far you take it, it can require just as much skill and knowledge as building from source and a lot of the info carries over. If anyone doubts this, ask me about Harmonia 1 and how much development is in that rom.
  10. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    ... WHO?
  11. jonny5449

    jonny5449 Well-Known Member

    As soon as I see my glorious porting starts :D

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