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[Request] Need files from /etc/ppp folderSupport

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  1. victorr

    victorr Member

    Hi all.
    I need files from /etc/ppp folder. This files can help me for enable data connection on Devour in non-Verizon network.

  2. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I'll get them for you man, it's just I'm moving right now and half my shit is in boxes. Soon as I unpack my Devour I'll get the files uploaded somewhere, they're already on my SD card.
    victorr likes this.
  3. victorr

    victorr Member

    Ok. I'm waiting.
  4. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    This should be it. Just rename the file to have a .7z extension. Frikkin MediaFire doesn't play too nice when uploading files from an Android phone.

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  5. victorr

    victorr Member

    But this files didn't help me. Still no data connection. Only in modem mode. :(
  6. vale9teen

    vale9teen Member

    Hey Victor,
    How wud u suppose to Unlock the Internet on the Devour?
    Can You share the Idea??
  7. victorr

    victorr Member

    I have one idea but I can't make it. Devour up ppp connection by apn. No pppd-ril.options etc. All parameter for other network can be write by QPST or CDMA Workshop.
    Now I have "3G" icon in status bar but only dormant. PPP logs say 'bout connection in dormant.
    When I try write parameters of my carrier (login, pass) with APN manager this apn disappear :(
    Other devices (e.g HTC Incredible) with custom firmware up connection by apn too. But I can not find a setting in the firmware(sys files) that blocks the use of different apn settings.
    Any ideas?
  8. victorr

    victorr Member

    Double post. Sorry.

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