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  1. JJPR97

    JJPR97 Well-Known Member


    I'm an LG Lucid (Not the Lucid 2) user. I have CM10, however there is a bug with the stock camera app and I'm looking for fixes, just testing some stuff.
    So can someone with a rooted Lucid 2, get the stock camera app apk, Upload it and post a download link.

    Please and thanks.

  2. jlede

    jlede Well-Known Member

    Couldn't you just download there firmware and extract there camera apk file (just a thought)
  3. SicFreak

    SicFreak The Message is SIC!

    Since I'm the only one with a rooted lucid 2 here you go.

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  4. JJPR97

    JJPR97 Well-Known Member

  5. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

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  6. SicFreak

    SicFreak The Message is SIC!

    Thanks k0nane, I meant to grab that too, late nights...
  7. JJPR97

    JJPR97 Well-Known Member

    Thank you both.

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