Request to give me a link to download Contacts.apk and Phone.apk from BH_MAN's R12 rom..

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  1. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    Its my sincere request to all the people who are using BH_MAN's R12 rom..plz giv a valid link to download Contacts.apk & Phone.apk u can do it in the following way..

    copy the Contacts.apk & Phone.apk from ur root\system\app folder and paste it in ur upload these two files to free server like
    and post the link in this thread...

    i have BH_MAN's r12 rom but i hav no more patience to reflash my behold 2 as am running BH_MAN's warhead rom...

    or any one has apps2sd for behold 2 by BH_MAN..."" this file..

  2. kikedj

    kikedj New Member

    You can upload the file BH_MAN R12, please. I want to have this ROM. thanks
  3. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

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