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Requesting detail re: Palm Memos and Note Everything

  1. lfurr

    lfurr New Member

    I am brand new to the forum. I am a third generation Palm user and now considering moving to an Android device. I won't pay the extra $10 a month to Sprint, so the EVO 4G is out. I am considering the LG Optimus S. My main concern (and I have seen it on this forum in quite a few places) is getting my hundreds of Palm Memos onto a droid phone. I have read about the "Note Everything" app here on the forum, and someone claims that Note Everything allows import of Palm Memos to the droid. Can someone confirm that and, if so, tell me how the heck it is done? Thanks, glad to be here.

  2. reinbeau

    reinbeau Klaatu barada nikto VIP Member

    Yes, Note Everything will import Palm memos, here is a link to the Note Everything instructions to do just that.
  3. lfurr

    lfurr New Member

    Well, the first step says to install the Palm Desktop, which I do have, but the only way to sync memos on my Palm Pre with the Palm Desktop is to use Companion Link, which I do not own.

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