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  1. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Request applications and present ideas in this forum.

    I suspect the members of the Developer Group will be able to close threads when considered answered/resolved - or something similar.

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  2. sudarshan

    sudarshan New Member

  3. blabbyh

    blabbyh New Member

    I would actually like to use an app to login to vonage, change my phone forwarding number to my cell number and logoff. Also the reverse when I am not mobile.
    Can an app login to an online account ?
  4. skaterjake

    skaterjake New Member

    zombieville usa would be amazing
  5. reppard

    reppard Well-Known Member

    I would like to apply for a subforum and join this usergroup!
  6. karan90

    karan90 New Member

    Sir, I'm a newbie to Android OS. I'm using a Olive pad VT-100 (i read it in one of the forums that it is the same as viewpad7 and spice MI-100). I have a windows 7 acer laptop (aspire 5920) with a decent configuration. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for it. But i desperately need an app that could reverse tether, so i could connect to adhoc network i'd create on my laptop. I have a BSNL EVDO internet connection that works on cdma frequency (dial up connection via USB dongle). I've tried 'connectify' but it says my laptop wifi is not supported. I rooted the olivepad with an app 'gingerbreak', because somewhere i read that only rooted androids can connect to adhoc. Pardon me for my lack of research or lack of knowledge of android OS. I don't really understand terms like flashing and recoverymod. so its pretty much a cry for help. *HELP* plz
  7. Momro

    Momro New Member

    I'm looking for an app which toggles my ring tone level according to my Google Calendar. Whenever I have an event there, I want my mobile to turn into silence and afterwards back to 80% or something like that.

    Using 2.2.2/Froyo
  8. klee2000

    klee2000 New Member

    Media & Book-Reader Lockscreen- Please can a dev create a lockscreen application that requires a combination of button presses to unlock screen while watching media from youtube to video apps & book reader, because I have a 2 year old daughter that no matter what I do she keeps touching the screen or the shortcut buttons that stops her video's or her todler books and it fustrates her..... please.... guys if you have the time can you create one... I'm sure everyone will benefit from this software...
  9. GMAN1952

    GMAN1952 New Member

    Site seems a little confusing, but I would like to know if this is the place to recommend an app like the bowling score keeper available on Ipad. very handy and the Nook tablet is very popular. Thanks.
  10. FiveBodyBlade

    FiveBodyBlade New Member

    ...but I would give SOOOOO many high-fives to anyone who develops a Ticketmaster (or even a Live Nation) app.

    Bummed that the iPhone kids have it but I don't, and that I still have to be around a PC when sweet tix first go on sale (which happens frequently when I'm at work).

    Again, I apologize if this a duplicate and/or completely asinine request.

  11. ryder1

    ryder1 New Member

    There should be an app of the Dragon Ball series and movies on the android market that we could buy!
  12. ah89

    ah89 New Member

  13. GoAndRelax

    GoAndRelax New Member

    I wanted to request this Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
  14. Zmolahah

    Zmolahah New Member

    I use a samsung galaxy s3 (if that matters) and I hope this app may one day be made..

    I want a app that video records like the default app but where you can also turn flash on and off during the recording.. I recently got this phone so I'm not sure if there is a way to do it on the default cam app and I could not find a app that does it but if someone can tell me how to do it or make it I would be ever so happy
  15. techcorner

    techcorner New Member

    I was looking for an app that will shut down, say Pandora for example, after a certain time period. I want to keep my tablet in my baby daughters room and play music for her but I do not want it to play all night, just for an hour or so. It would be awesome if somebody made this app as I am sure that many people would use it and not just for what I'm using it.
  16. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member


    If you have a specific app you wish developed, please create a new thread in this section describing the app. I understand that Phase's post is a tad misleading.


    I need a application source code sample to locate the current location if the user is in shopping MALL the application has to show all the stores which in that Shopping MALL please help me if any one have idea on this send me source code on my mail id: md_jawad30@yahoo.com
  18. prateek091

    prateek091 New Member

    I want Swatchmatic pro did any buddy can provide me, I will be thankful to them pls...
  19. Ginny365

    Ginny365 Active Member

    Hi! I known ie from personal experience that IHeart radio has timers thar you can set. Don't know about the genre your girl likes...they have an app in the Google store. Hope this helps..
  20. dogbertisgod

    dogbertisgod New Member

    Would like an app that allows you to upload/take a picture of a dog then links to a database with suggestions of possible breed, and details of breed (origins, temperament etc.)
  21. Druidroid

    Druidroid New Member

    Would like a dog kennel app for the ASUS Fonepad,this "bark activated" app would give me a phone call from the dog kennel asus fonepad so that I could speak to my dogs via video or using wireless router/internet connection from house router 15 meters from kennel.
  22. Druidroid

    Druidroid New Member

    Would like a dog kennel app for the ASUS Fonepad, this "bark activated" app would give me a phone call to my fonepad from the dog kennel fonepad so that I could speak to my dogs via video or using wireless router connection from house router 15 meters from kennel.
  23. alan377

    alan377 New Member

    Can we get an android version of this app called RobinWords, it is on pc and Apple, but I want one for my galaxy s4 to play while traveling. Its a really simple word game, I don't do code stuff but I think this app should be really simple, hopefully. Thanks.
  24. Brkfone

    Brkfone New Member

    I was recently remotely accessed on my ZTE Z990G I lost all data and system apps. I need an app to do a hard reset without root having to be done.
  25. knoober

    knoober Well-Known Member

    I hope this is the correct spot for this request, I think it is anyway. What I am trying to do is link 3 devices with blue tooth. The idea being to have one device as screen and the other 2 (or more) as game pads.

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