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Reset Button on Wm8650 Model M806SSupport

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  1. Sparky63

    Sparky63 New Member

    Anybody know how to reset a WM8650, Model M806S? There is no pinhole for a reset button like the user manual describes. My screen in stuck on the one with the green Android robot. Thanks.

  2. Andy 308GTB

    Andy 308GTB Member

    Looking at mine there is an unlabelled pinhole.

    One 'long side' has the MIC pinhole, the Menu Button and the Vol +/- controls.
    The other 'long side' has the aforementioned unlabelled pinhole. I guess this is the reset pinhole
  3. jonojono

    jonojono New Member

    Just taken my M806S apart, the reset is under the mic hole so could have saved myself a lot of trouble. tried it but still stuck on robot screen so onwards and upwards. anybody had any luck with this problem.

  4. mtgriz

    mtgriz New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found an answer to this problem? If so, please tell me! Thanks.
  5. tgunckel

    tgunckel New Member

    i found the reset button where the manual said it should be but there was no hole. i pressed it and still have the same issue. the android comes up with the os version and it hangs there.
  6. karbut

    karbut New Member

    Were same problem :(. but when i go on an IT tech. they were open my android tablet but, it is has not a touch screen now. so i'll use a mouse and keyboard. because the version of android that they are changed was unique. i think it is on phone version.
  7. midnightmajik

    midnightmajik New Member

    Press the on/off button and hold down the down volume button at the same time for 5 seconds.

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