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  1. isanta666

    isanta666 Member

    I plan on selling my galaxy s3 because I broke the screen. The phone still turns on but the screen is black. Since I'm selling it I want to do a factory reset. Is there anyway to do this with a broken screen? The device is not rooted.

  2. Randyocelot

    Randyocelot Active Member

    Why not just do it through Samsung kies?
    Although if you do have a password/pin allocated to your device, The device needs to be unlocked to enable kies to work with your device.
    So if it’s just your screen that’s broken your ok, As you will be able to press buttons on your screen, However if your touch screen isn’t working you now have a
  3. isanta666

    isanta666 Member

  4. ricky0702

    ricky0702 Active Member

    i have experience that when ever any one has any problem in his smartphone like you have n your s3 then he or she tries to sell his or her device in a cheap rate at ebay , swappa or any other place . I hope you would get the solution for your s3 but if you cant and decide to sell your device then i would suggest that do not forget to check it s current market value at according to this report from movaluate even NON FUNCTIONAL S3 has still worth of $$200 .
  5. jaytruong

    jaytruong New Member

    So i'm hoping it worked, but what I did, (since my screen is all blacked out) was plug it into my computer via USB cord, then open the correct drive, right+click on the "phone" and select format. "It will ask you if you are sure you want to format, it will delete all information on the phone".
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  6. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Isnt there a manual button press combination to factory reset from boot?
    Or can anyone give a up/down step by step guide to wipe the phone with a blindfold on (broken screen)
    Without a computer?

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