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  1. bughyz

    bughyz New Member

    Hi. I have rooted my N7000 and flashed it with a SuperNexus Rom. However, I am not quite happy with it. How can I go back to the original device(unrooting it and take away the rom)? Will the *2767*3855# method work or are there any other ways to do it? Thank You.:)

  2. Roshanta

    Roshanta Active Member

    to remove a rom and root u got to restore ur phones backup which u created using recovery.But u cant remove cwm recovery.
  3. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    You can remove CWM.

    You'll need to flash a Stock Samsung ROM through Odin, you can find all the country specific ROMs here:


    This will also restore Samsung recovery.

    BUT If I was you I would just flash the latest Jelly Bean leaked (stock) ROM through CWM. It kicks ass!


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